Annoying Issue on Startup

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Hello everybody,

Like most of you, I've been enjoying the release of BF1 a lot so far. However, there is a very annoying and pretty persistent issue which plagues the startup of the game.

Everytime I try to launch the game I get a black windowed screen with the almost instant follow up of the message "Battlefield 1 has stopped working". The only way I can fix this is by going in to My Documents and editing the PROFSAVE_profile file, I normally do this by setting the parameter for FullScreenEnabled from 0 to 1. This fixes the problem temporarily and I can launch the game after doing this. I do not have any problems whilst playing the game and, after quitting out of the game, I seem to be able to launch the game again with no apparent issues.

After a while however, particularly when my laptop has been switched off or went into sleep mode, I get the same problem again. The launch error is exactly the same and I have to go in to My Documents and edit the PROFSAVE_profile file all over again. It is as if the file resets every time I lose connection to the Origin servers (e.g. shutting my laptop down or letting it go in to sleep mode).

Although I can still play the game without issues, this startup problem is really annoying and I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong or maybe there is a setting I have missed.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Laptop Specs (MSI GE72 6QC Apache)

Nvidia GTX960M 2GB
8GB Ram

I'm playing the game on medium settings with the FXAA medium and Ambient Oclussion off and get a solid 45-70 fps, once I'm in the game there are no issues.

(I read various posts about similar issues, about people who could not get the game to launch at all, but I never found a post with a similar problem to mine. I also disabled DX12 already so that probably isn't the problem)
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