Issue overlooked by devs

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Hope this issue is resolved for BF1.There is something the devs seem to not have noticed. Console graphical rendering of characters and character contrast against the environment is not the same as on PC.

I play on PS4 and often have difficulty seeing characters. The contrast between the character and the environment/map elements is low. It seems like the map and character are made of the same material, if that makes any sense. And I'm a good player! So I know its not me and if you google this issue you will see there are others who have the same issue. It is not map specific either, its less of an issue on Propaganda for example and worse on Zavod. But its on ALL the maps.

If you look at Halo for example the teams wear blue and red uniforms, very easy to see. This is Battlefield, not Halo so we cant have that. But there has to be something you could do to make it easier to see.

I love Battlefield but this is just my one and only problem which I just have not been able to get over.


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