Will it be better

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After all the broken gameplay of BF4 im curious about BF1. will it be better. im still dying through walls, spawning infront of enemies, tanks, even spawned in the enemy base.
you have been working on BF1 for a while now. i hope it works, i hope the netcoding is up to date, the gameplay is decent, the realism is real. and gun balancing is fixed well enough before launch.
Hopefully BF1 is better then BF4 but the way that BF4 was and still is im not sure if im gonna be buying BF1.
You can make the trailer look awesome to get pre-orders, and heaps of money but some players enjoy and prefer excellent gameplay, and realistic gameplay and visuals.
It will be hard to get visuals of the Great War, like vehicles, guns, explosives, so i am expecting a change from BF4 to BF1. im just hoping its good.

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