Instead of battlepickups... Idea to promote team/ objective play!

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edited May 2016
What if instead of battlepickups, every soldier had an XP bar that would gradually fill up with XP while playing... Hear me out!

Objective and teamplay XP would provide a ~1.5x multiplier to to gains, and on average your bar would fill once (maybe twice if at the top of the scoreboard with points) per round. Your XP bar would be persistent through matches.

Once you have gained enough objective/ teamplay points, you would have the option to spawn in as an elite soldier until death.

Recon would get a burlap ghille and OHK chest shot sniper, with the rest of the loadout unchanged.

Support could have the armour seen in the adds, with a more powerful machinegun.

Rest of the classes something equally as fitting...

I think it might be one way to further promote objective based gameplay, and incentivise some of the useless snipers/players to get on the objective.


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