World War One. The first CQ match on a Global scale.

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My buddy (he got my tags Friday night, the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!) asked why the ticket system is so different than BF 4 CQ. I said, 60 million people died, it wasn't a war of attrition, where at "X" number of deaths, the cost is too great, it was Conquest on a global scale, and our one soldier's death, or kill is meaningless, because there were a thousand more to fill that spot. They had close matches that lasted months, a stalemate, because regardless of how many died, there was another to take his place. Victory was measured in territory and objectives captured and held. Command would launch wave after wave of soldiers until the objective was taken. You are not expected to survive, hmmm. I read that somewhere.

After a great 3 hour mind blowingly fun session last night, I went through all the codexs I unlocked. This game has a bit more depth once you read that literally millions of men, our ages, died in a very short time on the same maps we are playing on.
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