Vendetta Recruiting

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Looking for a clan to call home? Want to PTFO or have team scrims? We do it all.
Check us out at

Recruiting NA and EU.
  • Recruits must be 16+
  • Must have a PS4 Mic
  • Must be willing to use the Discord app.
  • Barring vacation or emergency, must be able to play Battlefield with us at least once in a 2 week period.
  • Respect and maturity are the primary things we're looking for in members.
  • There is no K/D or SPM requirement to join Vendetta.
  • Our community has members from all over the globe so there is almost always someone to play with.
  • There is a competitive aspect to our community that will become open to them once they've finished their 2 week Transition and Acclamation Period (TAP). However, they'll be able to compete in casual scrims right off the bat.

PS4 - LadyyLoud
Discord - LadyyLoud#4615
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