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Section was empty so figured lets start a post with our thoughts on the game so far.


  • ThanosXGr
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    Game is beautiful !!! Single player campaign is probably the best one the series had so far... i just cant wait for hc mode to come out
  • TrunkzJr
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    Medic is very balanced via weapons they allowed.
    Release compared to past BF has been pretty great aside from say party system and few missing things. BC2 it was a server lag fest at launch.
  • SAS-MrCasper
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    Cheer Long Live Mr.Taco M.D.
  • Wolfesscythe
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    I'm not going to say that my money was wasted, but I'm definitely disappointed with a lot of the facets of the game. Guns are unbalanced, have to spend a LOT of time leveling classes to unlock the decent-ish weapons. Some guns, particularly ones that I WANT to like are absolutely trash. I.E. the trench version of the Russian Lever Action for Sniper. There's a lot of good equipment options, but with the exception of Assault, I feel like every other class puts me in a conundrum of "Do I want to be able to kill vehicles, or do I want to be able to support my team?"

    The maps are decent at best, though conquest on Suez, I think it is? Utterly drives me up the wall. It's linear and snowballs like hell. Only three points, in a line, if your team captures all three of them, you can easily camp the other team at their spawn and it's neigh impossible to recover from being three-capped. It's the most garbage map that I've seen in a BF game, yet. It is the most open and most flat map in the game, only one tank per side with a slow respawn, and two horses. It's pretty much impossible to run past them unnoticed.

    Origin has some issues, as well. Very troublesome to join on with friends, particularly if the match is full. Friends don't show up in the in game friends list, making it difficult to party with them.

    There's a lot of room for improvement, and in such, I'm going to take my time and not beat my head against the desk.
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