Favorite Battlefield Moment in the Franchise


  • EdwinSpangler
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    I loved doing the Jihad Jeep back in BF3. Putting some C4 on a jeep, driving up to a tank. Click. BOOM!

    yep, loved squad spawnig on snipers too and having dance parties lol.

    Remember to bring flashbangs, smoke and flares aswell...for that disco feeling.

    always lol, i still have a clip where i landed the mig on the mountain of firestorm literally with the nose over the snipers head while i got out, knifed him, got back in and took off.

    so replayable compared to recent titles

    Thats the kinda stuff that made battlefield, battlefield..
  • MyBhole69420
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    This is gonna sound terrible and probably not my absolute favorite but it was still amusing...eventually. Running away and watching others trying to get away from Levolution in BF4 so the game didn't freeze.
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