PMC Platoon Now Recruiting!

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I am Duszak99, leader of of the PMC unit 3rd Estate. 3rd Estate is mil-sim PMC unit and uses military style tactics and procedures whilst in combat. Yes we are a PMC, meaning we're not that strict on certain things and we don't follow by anyone's rules. We set our own rules and we do what we want (Don't take my word for those last 2 sentences). The following are requirements for recruitment:
  • At least 15 years of age
  • At least rank of 40
  • Have all the community maps
  • Have a working mic
If you meet ALL of the requirements please contact Duszak99 on PSN with a message stating the following:
  • Age?
  • Level?
  • Mil-sim experience?
  • Military experience?
If you are accepted, you will have to go through a BCT for full entry into platoon.
*This platoon won't be active until the end of July beginning of August. If accepted in, you will be waiting some time (depending when accepted) until BCT. This platoon will also be on Battlefield 1 when it's released.
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