Origin Is Garbage (Take 2)

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NOTE: Original thread was deleted because it contained a naughty word that rhymes with chit...

If you're going to force us to play through Origin at least try to make it less frustrating.

It took me and my mates half an hour to get into a party and play together yesterday, what a waste of time. Half the time we can't click to join each others games, because the join option either doesn't show or just flat out fails. Then there's all these other oddities for example when your forced to ctrl+alt+del to quit the game because loading has bugged, then Origin decides it doesn't want to launch Battlefield again.

I can deal with these issues, but for some of my mates that aren't that computer literate, it's a pain in the butt. It turns them off wanting to play the game.

Please get this sorted.
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