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Well, here we are. The last round of Battlefield 4 DICE Friends Dog Tag recipients. It's been an amazing (almost) 3 years, and we've seen some outstanding support from the community. We whole-heartedly thank you for being part of the community, as well as being dedicated fans.

Without further ado, here's the final list of DICE Friends Dog Tag recipients for Battlefield 4.

  • HeathStevens69 Dedicated fan of the Battlefield franchise, Heath takes part in the DRMB clan, Operation Supply Drop, and Stack-Up Dot Org.
  • f0RtEkA Ex-moderator. A person totally dedicated to battlefield series. Extensive help to community in terms of gaming events.
  • palpoland Founder of Polish Battlefield League, a semi-pro organization focused on battlelog active platoons.
  • pegaz_CNP Devoted to Battlefield series. You need help, he is always there! Long time administrator for impressive number of servers since BF3 and referee for many e-sport events
  • Subman-CNP- Extensive help for community in terms of all kind of technical issues related to software, hardware and The Game itself. Also a great help for anyone involved in community related activities.
  • lll_Mahno_lll BF Guides, detailed reviews of updates, commenting tournaments, communication with the big people of the Russian community and the fight against injustice is just a small description of what this YouTuber did for Russian community. Thank you!
  • J0e-BF Being Battlelog moderators helper during couple of years, he helps us to always keep the forum clean and tidy, and users to find help. Keep it up, soldier!
  • xCROVERx Starting from Answers HQ and following to Russian Community group VKontakte he worked with hundreds of users by resolving technical assistance and other questions. In addition, he helped us to serve the official Battlefield servers - well done!
  • KOSHASTER On his YouTube channel called Master Play he provides to community a lot of weapon reviews and some guides - thanks for your work!
  • Varshevsky Telling community about game changes, how to play with new weapons and keeping community together with your own game with community are really good things. Keep it up!
  • Rhizone Some time ago this gamer was providing a lot of community guides and how-to-play videos. Continue doing your work in new Battlefield - you really good on it, Rhizone!
  • AlexSniper95 Being our community moderator, he helped us to protect our VKontakte group from spam attacks and community to find answers on their questions. Also he participated in Russian Saturday Battlefield. Thank you!
  • XOMA40K As largest Russian Women platoon leader, she organized a lot of tournaments, events and zombiwars in Battlefield. Never stop!
  • AnBiS_1 As Battlelog moderator he made very much for the Russian community, helping players find support and fairly punishing violators. Continue in the same spirit!
  • IzzyGoneCrazy Game Changer, community influencer, streamer, and avid fan of the franchise, Izzy promotes fun in his streams and continues to be a champion for Battlefield.
  • B4D_RUSSI4N B4D_RUSSI4N is actually a good russian: he helps us with keeping Russian Community Battlefield servers up, running and populated.His knowledge of how to serve the community helps us a lot — and we are grateful to him.
  • |||STODEH||| Twitch Streamer, content creator, and has helped others in the community with such things as gaming tips and hunting down the various Easter eggs.
  • ||GhostGaming|| Besides being a talented jet pilot, Ghost has been making jet guides and tips like tutorials for the benefit of the community. Rumor has it that Maverick has asked him to be his wingman.
  • SirUruk SirUruk keeps the German Community up to date with the latest Battlefield news. They won't miss a thing with him reporting from the front lines.
  • D4RTHV3DA Long time Battlefield player, D4RTHV3DA is very passionate about helping the community with top quality tutorials on a variety of topics covering tips, tactics, advice, and the latest news.
  • aT1C One of the 4 admins of FNB, aT1C maintains the FNB game servers and is the go to guy during these events.
  • auzom-Mr_Falls The main host of FNB, Mr_Falls, is a top notch caster who also does casting for Auzom GG/BCL Battlefield eSport leagues.
  • light78ryan Founder and leader of the 722 Community, Light78ryan is a dedicated fan and community member that is well known for helping others.
  • StoneMountain64 Youtuber, caster, and content creator, StoneMountain64 never ceases to entertain the community. Keep up the good work soldier!!!
  • 2fast4yooou96 Actively promotes and tries to expand the German #FridayNightBattlefield event section by bringing in new users. He can be seen on the forums assisting players with their issues. A true Battlefield supporter.
  • Rocktox A well-known user in the Austrian/German Battlefield community. Rocktox organizes events and creates YouTube content which promotes the hunt for Battlefield Easter-eggs and Battlefield 4 German community missions. He is also a regular supporter of the #FridayNightBattlefield German group!
  • Evilbeastlord Evilbeastlord is well known as being the Ammo Guy from the BFF’s series. If he’s not giving the Noob and the BFF guys a hard time, he’s helping out on various projects with Neebs Gaming.
  • BM_HAVOK BM_HAVOK, aka the Choppy Guy from the BFF series, when not collaborating with the BFF guys, you can find him running the Official BFFS Battlelog Platoon or running amuck on Twitter!!!!!
  • TmibPro TmibPro, aka Simon from the BFF series, is the Noob’s brother from another mother and when these 2 are on the battlefield, it’s nothing short but pure entertainment. He also collaborates with various projects on the Neebs Gaming Channel on youtube.
  • Superhawk138 Besides being a dedicated BF fan, superhawk138 has been instrumental with running the BFFS Bravo Team and helping with the Official BFFS Battlelog Platoon.
  • Axmainian He is well known for his work as an admin during the Friday Night Battlefield events and his always there to lend a helping hand when needed.
  • EA_Valgard Most know him as a German Community Coordinator, but you can see him lurking the forums and over on EA Answer HQ assisting players with issues they may have. Keep up the good work!!! He also works with the Battlefield Communications team to promote #FridayNightBattlefield for the community.
  • Ic3man2K If you know the great Ic3man2K, you then know of his dedication & passion for the BF community and everything that he has done. He was one of the founders of FNB and his accomplishments are well noted.
  • TheMusketeerHD Dedicated gamer and fan of the franchise, TheMusketeerHD has helped collate feedback lists, participated in various testing, including the CTE, and continues to work to improve the game by providing solid, constructive feedback.
  • Warrior_Buliwyf Nominated by the UK team, Warrior is a passionate gamer who consistently particpates and helps organize gaming events - you'll see him online on Fridays for Friday Night Battlefield.
  • Cayinator One of our community titans from down under, Cayin is a passionate, fun, and entertaining streamer who has as much fun making his videos as we have watching them.
  • NoVa_Dazs Co-Leader of NoVaGaming, Game Changer, community influencer, and content creator, Dazs continues to drive passion within his community and the greater Battlefield community.
  • trooperduper Creator of the "Tag Collector" Dog Tag.
  • shad0wkr "Counter Hunter" Dog Tag Creator
  • hollandje "DICE Bodyguard" Dog Tag Creator.
  • CodeName_Deus Founder of ESB - eSport Community - dedicated fan and franchise veteran.
  • Narwhal_Dave Easter Egg hunter, dedicated fan and community member, and part of the Battlefield Game Changer program.
  • Fatsch69 - Passionate Community Member from Germany and Founder of the HvsZ DICE dogtag events on PS4
  • Jokerka_PL Administrator of Battlefield League/ She is responsible YouTuber relationship management.
  • pcmrowa Administrator of Polish Battlefield League/Platoons Manager.
  • Rybiszcze Administrator of Polish Battlefield League BF4.
  • DzikiLos Streamer, commentator of Polish League.

See you on the battlefield!

EA/DICE Development and Community Teams
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