The Rhyme and Reason

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I drop into the forums every now and again to scratch around for some tips or information but every thread now seems to be someone whinging about something. From the endless amount of moaners, this is what I've gathered:

Thread: Nerf this
Reality: I've been killed by this loads of times, probably because of poor situational awareness.
Solution: Play Smart.

Thread: AA is OP
Reality: I was admiring my new Red Baron skin and some idiot decided to take me out because I flew too near the AA position.
Solution: Know where the AA is placed, AA is just fine for taking out Airships.

Thread: Horses are OP
Reality: I emptied am entire clip into a horse but the rider just swiped me in two with his sword.
Solution: Hit the rider not the horse.

Thread: Lack of Soldier Customisation
Reality: I'm not happy with the 20 different soldiers available across all Factions, especially no Desert Storm camo available.
Solution: You cant really see yourself a whole lot in game so just pretend you look different.

Thread: Snipers ruin the game
Reality: I was running in the open for 6 minutes just about to get on a flag and bang, one shotted by a sniper.
Solution: Use cover or just kill the sniper (bullets actually damage them).

There are loads more but all I can say is just enjoy the game guys and gals. It's great.
Find a good squad or better yet join a platoon (BF4 for now) and get a good group together.
Try different classes and loadouts, no one becomes an expert overnight.

Well done everyone at DICE, you've nailed an excellent game.
I'm seriously having so much fun or just admiring my surroundings I forget what I'm doing half the time.
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