This Week in Battlefield V

Trying the YouTube thing

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So a couple weeks ago I decided to try recording my gameplay. I thought maybe I could get something good for youtube or to send into neebs gaming. "love their stuff" It's proven to be very difficult. About 2 months ago I broke my hand pretty bad "8 total breaks on 3 bones". Right now I still have a plate on one of the bones that limits my middle finger movement "right click" and my wrist as well. But it's really all I can do and I'm thankful to have that even if I'm playing less then stellar. I haven't had the best round of my life but I've been happy to do something. About a week ago I dove into the self learning process of editing those video's and even making a lame opening design. The challenge has been fun and I've learned a lot. Here is my first post on youtube.

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