Medic Class Loadout

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Just a little bit of advice needed from experienced Medics out there.
Is it worth loading out with Bandages/Medic Crate rather then Bandages/Syringe or Crate/Syringe.
Just curious as most people don't wait for a resus at the moment, I hope that changes as people realise this is not a CS/COD game.


  • Greyhojta
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    I use Bandage + Syringe because it makes me more mobile. The Crate is nice but it is also big and is difficult to place in some locations, especially if you are in prone, it also heals really slow.
    If only 1-2 soldiers around, then the crate is even less useful and if the few soldiers around you die, then you are also pretty useless as a medic. ^^
    I would only pick the crate if I know that there is a choke point at some flag, then it might be a really good choice.
  • Fl3abag
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    K thanks for advice will use that setup in next loadout.
  • Serkaii
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    I play Medic as my "backup" class. I always roll with Bandages & Syringes. Even though there are a fair amount of NUBS that skip revive immediately upon death, the intelligent ones that don't can really turn the tide of battle sometimes. For example, a grenade wipes out 4 teammates and suddenly you're losing the objective. Picking those 4 guys back up can be the difference in loosing that point, or attempting to recapture it / contest it. Syringe is a must have in Battlefield.
  • Kirk40k
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    I pretty much will probably never run as a Medic, but I do find it odd that they get the Rifle Grenade, only by forgoing medical supplies or the ability to bring back a Teammate from the great beyond.

    To me the rifle grenade would be more suited for the Assault Class, but that's a whole different thread all together.
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