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Battlefield 1 - state of the game.

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After the dust of the launch settled I would like to discuss the game state at this point.

From my perspective the game had only slightly smoother launch than BF4, but brings the usual bag of DICE fails such as technical bugs and bad design decisions:

- The DirectX bug affects a big part of the player base, constantly crashing the game. So far no fix or regular updates on the issue.
- The companion app and the web Companion site are extremely buggy. They reset in-game loadouts to defaults, fail to create new loadouts and lack ability to rename them. Some gear seems to be missing from them too (medbag in the smartphone app). A total mess.
- Joining friends is bugged too. Attempting to join a friend usually results in not being able to join any squad if their squad is full.
- Joining with friends as a party seems to lock your squad by default, resulting in a bizarre situation where you have multiple 2-3 players locked squads and some lone players being unable to fill those squads. So much for team play / community features.
- Gunplay - I'm not a fan of the new approach to balancing weapons. Spread of some weapons is a joke, introducing a lot of default randomness to already chaotic maps. Automatic weapons reward spraying instead of aiming and bursting. In general the weapon balance feels like too much rock - paper - scissors game instead of learning how to aim and move around maps.
- Map design. There are some decent maps, some maps have decent areas to hang around. Unfortunately again DICE seems to be designing maps where smart movement and map knowledge doesn't benefit you that much. Every time you break some relative cover you expose yourself from multiple angles. Too much empty space with poor cover. I really don't expect this game to be Counter Strike with more lanes, but this is again the lower the threshold mentality which made this franchise a bit too shallow.

Don't get me wrong. Despite all the bugs and issues I still enjoy the game, but this is mainly due to being used to DICE fails and lack of competition.


  • VonReisler
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    I agree about the companion site, too buggy and screws with your loadout.
    I'm finding the server performance too inconsistent and the last 2 nights has been laggy even though my fps is staying around 90-100.
    Allowing high ping players on 60 tick servers is a recipe for disaster IMO.
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