Make squad orders show to the whole team in the comms box.

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edited November 2016
Especially on Playstation and Xbox there is a big lack of communication due to no proper text chat, teams don't run in coordinated ways like they would on a battlefield. It leads to very passive and unfocused teams and general chaos. A good way to help improve this at least a little would be to have it so squads of more than 1 can put their orders down and that order come up in the comms box as something like "KING SQUAD TO B" and if they die in that area it can say "KING SQUAD DOWN AT B". That way the decent squads who can't hear each other may be able to go "Oh this squad is there so we should go here or we can check if they need back up." Rather than not having any comm tools available to play with any strategy or knowledge of team placement at all.

Also it should auto combine the 1 man squads after 5 minutes of play due to the silly idea to have default private squads so each squad is then a full unit.
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