Battlefield 1 - Top 5 issues or improvements

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Hi BF community!
Last week I started asking this same question to my twitter followers ( - but I might aswell do it everywhere:
What are your top 5 issues or improvements you'd like to see in BF1 going forward?

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  • IIJakeyII
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    Really simple thing i'd liked fixed. You don't gain score towards operations, TDM and war pigeons, i believe its now been removed but in the companion app you used to be able to check how much score you had per gamemode.
  • CookieMonstr_HR
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    Ok, top 5:
    1. Anti-Air cannons - I think damage is good but effect they make when you fly is over the top. It shake screen so much its hard to control your plane it blur and all effect it makes are too much tbh. Range is ok because of behemoths but it could take slight nerf in muzzle velocity over range. Airship are slow and big so slower shells/bullets would not make difference since its easy to hit them. Problem is on some maps anti-air in middle of map makes flying almost imposible, worst for me is monte grappa, B and D flag anti airs, its so high in air i have to fly on edges of map but if catch me i simly cannot escape.

    2. Skip revive - please inform players at least that they wont respawn faster, there are sometime 5-7 players skipping revive in from of me as medic. I see most of they think they will respawn faster. Best would be if you guys could simply remove it option and this would make medic more useful.

    3. Gas granade spam and friendly effect - problem to me is it lasts for too long, it goes over walls, it reffils too fast, it has high radius of effect and add to this 2 granades and you make perfect spam granade. Only thing good for me is damage. Also i hate that friendly gas granade make suppressio effect on you and team mates, you cannot heal or make steady aim while in them.
    What should be done about them?
    Option 1. Every player have only one and it refflis slower but have same radius of effect and gas goes away faster than now.
    Option 2. Every player have 2 of them but it have small radius and also reffils slower and is active for so long gas goes away faster than now.
    In both options gas nade should not make any effect on your team.

    4. Operations balance - I think its too hard for attackers on some maps. While 64p is almost unplayble but its ok i am used to 40p now. So problem becomes when there are 3 objetives to take. Worst sector is 3rd on Ballroom blitz and this whole campaign. Coqueror Hell is only campaign i didnt ever see attackers win, but 40 or 64 players. On ballroom blitz attackers simply wast 1-2 attacks on 3rd sector because it defenders always cap one objective. Attack cap C while defend recap A, attack cap A again but def recap C, and this go in cricle like that. Simply this sector is spread too much over map to be able to control all 3 at same time.Plase make only 2 or make one more behinde of first 2.

    Also long campaign with 3 maps should give attackers more tickets or one extra attack after first 2 maps. ;)

    5. At granade have insane range i have to admit i hate how far can you throw one. While dynamite is somehow not too good, 3 of them sometimes only disable tank but you have to risk to get close to enemy tank.

    I'll add 6th but it's more of a bug. Medals system is bit broken. On some servers it shows old medals from last week and quit button on end screen would be good;)
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  • Sgt_kkn_
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    this is on PC.
    dont know if you did see the vid i linked to you on twitter about the errors on joining on friends but here it is.

    personaly i would have the support guns to be more stronger then they are as of now, not the heavy machine gun's but the other ones.

    medic class lack some sort of fully auto fire guns and its a pain to use the medic class on close combat, its a loose situation every time.
    witch only leads me ( and maby others ) to choose other classes over this.

    and the heavy tanks? PLZ NERF!!!!

    the menu need to get mutch bether then it currently is ( battlelog where are you!!!!! ) , you can not see what server your friends are on, you can not see if a server your friends are on is full or emty or enny info at all on it.

    you can not kick enny one out of your party system in case they join a diffrent server and start spamming if you want to join a server when you are in the middle of a game. ( think i have some recording of this some where if i start looking tru a few hours of it ).

    gass granades need to be overlooked since it goes tru solid walls and damages friendly ( and enemies of course ).

    after revive ive goten stuck whit no firing option on my main gun even when spamming the fire key, and i have to cycle it to be able to fire it.
    even happened under enemy fire after reviving.
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