Battlefield 1 - Top 5 issues or improvements


  • FarKinnell
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    Fix this:

    "Too many computers have accessed this account's version of Battlefield 1. Please try again later"

    Locked out of the game for 24 hours due to too many hardware changes trying to get the flowering game working properly.
  • PackersDK
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    Haven’t got 5, what about just one big one; how about you let me play the map and Operation I choose??

    Your idea of staying in servers and roll on to the next map is fine in theory but have you considered the combined amount of time your customers just sit and wait looking at first one loading screen... then the next.

    This must be the absolute basic you can expect of a game - put me into the map I’ve chosen.
  • Roy57on
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    Please update the companion with the new weapons from the latest update.
  • Silver032
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    ferrit44 wrote: »
    Agreed with point 2 and 3 above, the behemoths are basically an annoyance and nothing else. Has anyone actually witnessed them change a game of conquest, or equalise the momentum?

    Yes, many times in operations . It can easily be used to cap 1/2 points (if the train). compeltely decimate the land (ship) and do both with the airship. The only problem is that the boat has no counter to torpedo boats, the trains weapons are pretty weak and ineffective (even the 1 seat), and the blimp guns leave the gunner vunerable (which is stupid and renders 3/6 seats worthless half the time). The super large tank is weak as hell imo.

    I think the best example was yesterday for me. One Monte, getting stomped. Lost a battlion without taking the first sector. Got the airship next round.

    I got into the driver seat (first time evr) positioned the ship over the points, focused on killing armor and heavy guns with my bombs. Cleared not only the first, but the next 3 sectors before the blimp went down. We won the map without losing a second battalion.

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    1. hit registration, ever since a couple of patches ago have been very unstable... sometimes fine others outrageously poor (worse than PUBG)(i would post a link to a video i uploaded to youtube to show you how bad it can be but dunno if this is allowed) I know it is not just my setup as my platoon from around the world experiences the same.
    2. team balancing, again ever since a couple of patches ago this was broken... a week ago i played 11 rounds and not one of them had a losing team which got over 500 points. Most ended with about 300.
    3. Suppression effect, i have hated this in bf3, bf4 and bf1. i am so tired of this being a lottery so many situations where you have no cover options and/or lose the gun fight due to the ridiculous random bullet deviation... don't get me wrong i want this to be in the games but i want it so much more of a inhibitor of your senses, a visual and sound experience that is inhibiting your awareness and ability to dominate. Not a lottery ticket... i.e. something like you get extreme tunnel vision, the FOV perspective goes back and forth or focus changes going back and forth like the out of focus/in focus of the new sniper scopes (not too much to avoid nausia and dizzyness :D ) + "nerfing" your ability to aim (maybe also mouse sensitivity lowering) + great sound experience in hearing that buzzing sound of bullets flying past you ears while it lowers the volume of other sounds like footsteps to make you less aware of what is going on, maybe even create that empty echoing equalizer effect of a bathroom if you know what i mean? to make it sound a lot more like adrenaline is pumping and zoomed into the moment (stressing your mind) + maybe a blurred minimap so you have a hard time being aware of enemies approaching. this would in my opinion be a lot more exhilarating, cool and cause less frustration from the random bullet deviation not hitting. the random bullet deviation should be removed or nerfed extremely much and instead be balanced out by the mechanic that will make it harder for you to aim (this should not make it impossible for you to aim if you are skilled but make it harder! hard enough to miss the ranged shots but most certainly not enough to miss those up close shots). Also a bit of balancing as 64 player servers feel like running around in a constant state of suppressed.
    4. Assault class, I know this is late but i have wanted this ever since release. slightly nerf assault class domination in close combat but buff it's range capabilities, lower its bullet spread a lot but give it a severe very downward going damage drop off. make it able to hit targets maybe 60-100 meters away (depending on the weapon) but once you get over a certain range it is sort of none lethal only doing maybe 5-10 damage per hit. as it is now i feel like some maps the assault class weapons are just not viable and at the same time due to its balance by making it unable to hit accurately at long range you also "nerf" it's ability to hit targets half behind cover or proned at close ranges (people sitting behind sandbags, windows or proned). by changing it to this model you would be able to take out that guy in the window in amiens without being at an extreme disadvantage. the weapon class won't be overpowered in my opinion as it will not be lethal at long ranges and it will be less dominant in close combat over other weapon classes (still the best choice though).
    still love your games but they can be really frustrating some times
  • JoseAlderino
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    1. Add "incomplete games" stat next to wins and losses so you can get the impression of the real win % of the players who leave server to avoid defeats (Don't tell me that people have lives and it would be unfair. If a guy needs to leave game due to irl stuff he would not have many incomplete games anyway in their ranks).
    2. Make "Scouts" gametype like Halo had "Snipers" so the hillhuggers would have a chance to hug a hill.
    3. Make minimum distance from the ground higher to open the paracute. Atm ppl jump off the planes and open the paracute like 5m from the ground which is ridiculous. Let them glide with their paracutes and be shot dead instead of abusing airplanes to get behind enemy lines easily.
    4. Make it harder to melee attack from the front. It is nonsense atm.
    5. ..
  • R_SnarlyTrain
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    De-nerf the machine pistol?
  • AngelofMirth1
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    cut the crap....cut the inconsistency, one server I can drop 50 next I can't kill 5, even when shooting most of them first.....putting me right off this game
  • AngelofMirth1
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    I am playing game after game and I am being bent over and fuxked....just shot a guy 2 times from 3 feet away,shotgun ,couldnt miss but somehow with dice magic. tickles him....he has 5 times in a row and has been getting 30 and 3 scores for the last 5 is hard to kill someone when consistently they ate given the gunfight 9 out of 10. .his ping is 60...mine is 20...I am hardwired. and yet I can't kill this ****. while he goes around in god mode...and you wonder why sooo many have left bar the hard-core....yes it has its moments but right now I am thinking to never spend money on the BF franchise again.. I have sunk hundreds of hours into this and something is just **** server is ok the next bullshido like above...

    I get that really good players do the right things....but when the gunfight are so inconsistent and a guy or a group of guys are just being given the decision 90 times out of a hundred it stinks...I don't know what the **** is up with the servers...

    when I know I am doing the right things, ambushing and still losing, flanking,pre firing, using fast ttk weapons and one server it is working and the next I am making some **** on roller skate wheels look good then **** that
  • MeSoHungry
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    Multiplayet Co-op vs. AI like in the very first Battlefield, the version that made the brand popular to begin with. Of all my friends, nobody wants to play Battlefield when we get together because of all the online hackers, spawn campers and guys who are impossible to defeat because they play 24/7 and have earned all the upgrades. Left-for-dead was wildly popular because you could kick such people off. Give us multiplayer coop or a way to vote supermen/hackers off the map.
  • niksk8er
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    Hi! I have two issues and one request, the first is a bug that I am facing with on Xbox One for many months now. Sometimes when I press start and spend a few seconds in the menus, when I get back into the game it crashes for a few seconds.
    The second issue I have is a ¿BUG? that shows that your friends play Grand Operations instead of Operations.
    The request I have is, can you guys please add Nivelle Nights and Prise de Tahure in the TSNP playlist again? You can keep it at the DICE playlist as well.
  • kenpokillz
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    1. suppression (magical dissappearing bullets)
    2. camping in redzone (if you cant get knifed or blown up shouldnt be able to effectively play game)
    3. straffing (needs higher accuracy reduction)
    4. server browser (worked pretty well in BF3)
    5. squad up (again worked well in BF3)
  • Gizmo-TehAutizmo
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    Please FIX THE MATCHMAKING! It's horrible I'm having a hard time believing that only 2 servers are up on Operations and 2 on Conquest at any given time. US/EU getting mixed up together etc etc.
    Make the DLC completely free NOW please BF V is around the corner anyway and this has split the community (as it did with BF3/4).
    Option to OPEN ALL BATTLEPACKS (and auto skip the reward show).
    Remind people about VOIP, put it in the loading screen tips.
    Maybe make it so the same person can't take the same veichle more than 2-3 times in a row?
    I've started noticing the BF3 bug where RPG would despawn if you died a short time after fire on weapon fire. No good, rather have double kills then.
  • pwnedPewPew
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    My personal No.1 Issue in this Game is the Map voting!
    Would be nice if Dice remove it from BF V.
  • ChaoticallyCalm
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    well its an option if you get the server but here go on ward destroy bfv before it even gets in your hands. Think about how much people have complained all through bf1, bfv is trying ot make that happy, and already the crying begun. I really like programmers I mean without them you wouldn't have this sick game, and go play something form the early years and to this I mean Respect goes to those guys. Its not perfect but I rather see it grow then have to get rebuilt every week just so someone can think they are good, instead of figuring out the game.

    I understand that has nothing to really do with map voting. But im with you on the operations intro outro, that has to be able to load faster and stoppable,
  • FRibeiroSilva
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    I had a lot of problems with Windows 10, no matter what version was. I installed Windows 8.1 and now the game runs fine. I7 4770k ,12 Ram, GTX 1060 6GB.
  • IM-jhonny
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    1) Optimization
    2) Better weap for medic class
    3) Balancing teams
    4) Better server
    5) Instant Ban/kickout on server for cheaters
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    crswipe wrote: »

    I thought it was the riders you wanted nerfed?

    The amount of people riding around as Cavalry now is crazy.
    Mainly because you don't need any skill whatsoever as cavalry class to take down a heavy vehicle anymore.
    Just came from a game where cavalry riders were riding around like flies destroying tanks. I was shooting horses left, right and centre with a heavy tank, unable to kill them.
    A full blast from the muzzle of a Heavy Tank at point blank into a horses side to do "45" damage ?

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    Just came from a game where one of the daily tasks was to get 15 kills. Ended up getting 25 kills in a round, and it hasn't registered.
    Even the "Road to Battlefield V" is screwed up........
  • jpward75
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    Just came from a game where 2 planes, 1 fighter and 1 attack, owned the entire map while taking AA fire from at least 2 emplacements. Surprising how much damage planes can take in the game given they were made from plywood and fabric.
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