Battlefield 1 - Top 5 issues or improvements


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    t1gge said:

    Hi BF community!
    Last week I started asking this same question to my twitter followers ( - but I might aswell do it everywhere:
    What are your top 5 issues or improvements you'd like to see in BF1 going forward?

    This post is mirrored here:, pick your favorite platform for feedback!

    First of all - those pesky bugs have to go away! The nastiest ones are in your bugtracker, so
    I want to have all of those fixed in the next patch. You might hear that alot, but from programmer's
    viewpoint MOST of them are really just a matter of giving the Devs the headroom to tackle them,
    while some (I say CPU) require more work, but are very important nevertheless
    About actual balancing/gameplay issues, we already have that thread here,
    which also includes my personal wishlist.
    But honestly, just follow LevelCaps Wishlist. That reflects pretty much what's hot on the forums.
    PLEASE do not blindly follow some people who wish to compensate lack of teamwork with modifications. Like taking meds/ammo or soloing tanks. Some stuff just must be impossible to do alone - that's the only way to force people to team up.
    edit: this thread alone should give you enough work for half a year or more. you hireing? ^^
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    2. AT launcher/ grenades - i hit someone point blank with the AT Lanucher and he only took 15% damage. i also fire my AT Lanucher and it landed next to this guy and he took 6% damage WTF. i throw my AT grenades into a small room with 3 people and no one died.
    3. LMG - needs a little buff
    4. battlepacks - what's the point ugh...
    5. assault class needs more weapons
    6. Make sniping like the other BF's games.
  • Callahan44er
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    1. Nothing to unlock at all,no challenges or anything. No dogtags not everybody has.

    I'm pretty happy with the game itself.
  • bulletsearl
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    • I Nerf the syringe. The medic can revive faster than the enemy can kill. Either give it ~3 sec CD between revives or give it ~3 charges that need to be resupplied.

      II Nerf scout flair. It shouldn't spot everything within the AOE, only players that are sprinting. If you are stationary or walking slowly you should not be spotted.

      III Gas/Mortars need a nerf. I'm just gonna bunch these two together cause they're just about equally annoying. Either simply reduce the amount each player gets or reduce the amount of players that can have them.

      IV AA guns should not have unlimited turn rate(limited only by the players mouse sensitivity settings). ATM an player in an AA can be looking south, get shot at by a plane coming from the north, turn around in 0.1 seconds and down that plane in 2 seconds. How do they turn those big guns around so quickly!? Give it a set turn rate for all players.

      V Buff LMG's.
    I would be willing to put up with having to enter a game to edit my loadouts, no quit button, etc. etc. if they just fixed these clearly broken game mechanics. IMO the actual gameplay comes first, UI and everything else comes after.
    Allow me to comment:
    I: do not limit the number of revives. That would reduce the usefulness of medics even more. I like the cooldown idea much better. If I am down and see a medic around, I do not want to die because he's out of medicine
    II: They should spot everyone who has a line-of-sight to the actual flare. Would also promote shooting into the air or placing them tactically
    IV: I also think turning rate is perfect to balance the AA, since it does not nerf them against bad pilots or airships, but it will nerf them enough against everything else
    V: Let the spread mechanic as it is but buff the damage slightly
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    first of all - nice to see something is going on. Sorry for my bad english, i hope you guys will get over it and get the core!
    What i can't undestand is ... why only 5 Top issues, or why TOP 5 over the rest? ... there are so many in the game at this time, some like the REVIVE BUG are just beeing transported from the other titels ... a lot of serious issues and bugs and you only want to adress 5 for the next patch? The last patch is now one month ago ... this is very hard to understand! Everybody hopes it will be the biggest patch ever, but this post don't look like this! My hope is down
    There are still people can't play on PC, stuttering, freezes, crashes, FPS drops all over ... what about that? Soldier/Weapon customization, loadout, UI informations, MapBugs, Class/Weaponbalance, Medal system broken, no rewards at all, battlepacks and so on ... Top 5 issues are very subjective, people who are not playing on PC will never mention the PC-Problem things ... also the PC people will still do this first because to CAN'T PLAY is their major issue! But the rest is will also be there if they will get to the gameplay ... so just insane!
    Maybe i don't understand your question right, but it looks like this 5 issues on YOUR list will get the "firs look" and the rest we will have to wait again for month.
    This can't be true or?
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    Probably mentioned already, but I'd like to see the battle reports.

    I was complaining about Battlelogs when they started out, but now I am disappointed they are not there...
  • ScriptedEnd
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    1. AA being a bit too powerful.
    2. The fighter plane being a bit underpowered compared to the other two planes.
    3. The Model 10 shotgun hunter variant one hit kill at range.
    4. Cavalry. How horses behave and how they sometimes refuse to cross some terrain or jump over certain rocks, fences etc. And the Russian 1895's lack of power while on the horseback.
    5. Lack of loadout customization in the main menu.

    Worth mentioning: The sweetspot for bolt-action rifles are a bit difficult to understand and very annoying when on the other side of the gun.
    And the lack of power of some weapons like the Huot and Selbstlader 1906. It just doesn't feel like the grind is worth it.
  • WackoJecko
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    1. Bulletsponge
    2. Bulletsponge
    3. Bulletsponge
    4. Bulletsponge
    5. Bulletsponge
  • Sindari
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    Sgt_kkn_ said:

    Sindari said:

    1. Revive bug (can't aim / shoot after revive)
    2. Gas Grenade bug (can't shoot for a couple of seconds after throwing Gas Grenade)
    3. Floor tiles of instant death (think it might be spots where an Airship has crashed, but sometimes impossible to tell why / see any danger)
    4. Need option to quit at end of round to remain, currently we have to load into the next map, takes ages
    5. Need option to customize tanks + planes even if none are available, should always be able to, and no option to customize cavalry at all

    click forward ( down right hand side ) so you get to the loading screen then back again ( down left hand side ) so you get up the scoreboard and then you get up the quit button
    Really? That works? Gonna try that next game, many thanks in advance if it works :)
  • NWG_Syphher
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    Most of the main issues have already been stated but one of the big ones for me is Operations.

    Please make them available on the server browser for one, and secondly, please make them restart after they are finished. They could restart the same operation over again or, a different one I would be fine with either. Having to go through the match making system every time is painful! Especially with a 5+ man party.

    Also, I really hope that rental servers have the option to select the size for the game mode and are not locked into only 24 players for rush (for example). In past battlefield games, mixed mode clan servers where super popular. I would be sad if it isn't possible to have a large (32/40/64) conquest map that can also go into rush OR even operations for a game or two (without dropping people obviously). That would be great!
  • plain_ole_pain
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    1. Bulletsponge
    2. Bulletsponge
    3. Bulletsponge
    4. Bulletsponge
    5. Bulletsponge

    they stopped selling the sponge years ago FDA pulled 'em
  • 187Bear
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    Dice, can you buff me and nerf the other players? Thanks, that would be all. Otherwise I'm having fun. Just make be better.
  • GalaxyMix
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    My list:
    This based on console(PS4) experience

    1. Operations Mode need balancing. Some maps more than others. I stopped playing operations because of this.
    2. Prevent or warn players from joining matches that are about to end. Give us the information to help us decide if we want to enter these matches, and make your MM smart enough to avoid this situation.
    3. Include Built in Clan management system, with clans ranking, and members ranking inside a clan. Allow the option for clan managers to set a clan location based on city and/or country.
    4. Re-balance tanks. Some suggestions : Landship needs more firepower but can easily have its tracks disabled. Heavy tank needs to have slower speed and acceleration. Light tanks need less firepower against Medium and Heavy tanks.
    5. Find some way to help improve the usability of all armored cars and jeep. Examples: Add Aim Assist for turret gunners. Let the car automatically replenish health and ammo to nearby teammates. Add a way to repair them. Reduce bouncy driving. Improve acceleration and breaking......etc.

    Three small requests: Do something about inactive Squad Leaders. Please give Dreadnought driver a big HINT that he can move the ship. And Finally add a gun range map to test guns, test vehicles, and to try different game settings/controls.
  • Texas_Ace_80
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    Thanks for putting this thread together!

    I actually listed my top 5 in another thread that a regular member started on this very same subject last week. I will just copy and paste that post here:

    Good thread OP!

    Let's keep everything in here constructive so DICE will take the suggestions seriously. If it becomes a bash session, then they won't pay any mind.

    With that said, here is my list of fixes and additions:


    1. Hit Confirms on tanks -- Too many times I've hit the tank with an AT Rocket and I get no hit confirm or do no damage. This needs to be addressed.
    2. Domination and TDM -- Elites should NOT be in these modes. Also, Domination maps seem too big and too open for me. Far too often I'm getting sniped, especially on Empire's Edge. Maps need to be smaller and more enclosed.
    3. Cavalry -- I very rarely think something is OP, but the Horses to seem to be able to withstand a little too much damage. A small nerf would be nice.
    4. Squad Join/New UI -- it's silly to be locked into playing alone if you join on a friend who is in a full squad. You can't create your own squad or join another. Please remove this. And on the subject of joining squads and friends, the new UI that was introduced on PS4 a few months back doesn't work. It did not work on BF4 and it isn't working on BF1. When you press R2 to see your friends, you very rarely get the option to join their game when you highlight their name. Why is this? This was created to make it easier to find and join your friends, but the problem is that the "join" part very rarely works.
    5. Medals -- having to only pick one medal at a time and then being able to only complete one task at a time for that medal is kind of silly. I'd prefer the old way of just getting medals as you accomplish various tasks in gameplay.

    1. Improved auto balancing to favor platoons/friends -- It's frustrating to have more than 5 friends or platoon members on and not be able to play with them all on the same team. I don't expect DICE to find a way to keep 20 people together, but finding a way to keep 8 to 10 platoon members and/or friends together is not an unreasonable expectation. What occurs now is having to switch after every single round and hoping there are enough spots available to get everyone together. For being the ultimate team game, I've always found it odd that a better system has not been in place in BF games to keep friends and platoons together as much as possible.
    2. More transport vehicles in the bigger maps -- I don't mean tanks and things like that, I'm talking about your basic vehicles to get around the map. For big maps like Sinai, there simply aren't enough vehicles and it's very frustrating to be left having to walk an eternity just to get to a capture point or get back into the action. On that same note, where is the option to spawn into a transport vehicle at the beginning of a round like we've had in recent BFs? Making everyone spawn at the deployment and then having them make a mad dash for the few vehicles available seems quite silly.
    3. Statistics -- I'm sure this is in the works, but where are the Battle Reports and Leaderboards from Battelog? I would really like to see all of the detailed statistics that we were used to seeing in Battlelog brought back. Also, what happened to the Test Range?
    4. Servers with no Behemoths or Elites -- Do I think either is OP? No, but I don't think they belong in BF. It makes the game feel to casual and arcadey. I don't like the concept behind the Behemoths which is to help the losing side, and I don't care for what is in theory a "super soldier". It would be nice to have servers where you can play in a "Classic" mode with none of these things in it.
    5. Old Conquest -- I don't hate New Conquest, but I'm not crazy about it either. I would love to see the Old Conquest brought back or at least made available in another server.


    Can we get a small buff on the Support class weapons?

    And that's my list!

    Thanks to DICE for all of their hardwork and their continued efforts to improve this game. I personally think it's a great game that just needs tweaking, not an entire overhaul. I look forward to seeing what else they bring to the table going forward.
  • M0istGamer
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    - Medals randomly switch on their own.
    - Cant quit games postgame outside of the 7 second window we're provided
    - Battlepack system rewards you for buying the game instead of playing well. (RNG)
    - Cant fire weapon after being revived
    - Spawn as cavalry with no horse.
    - Spawn as tank with no tank
    - Cant revive (syringe) downed enemies. This happens occasionally to rarely, but a pain nonetheless.
    - "Nearby medics" show even if they dont have syringe equipped.
    - Need to see how far along a game is in server browser. (by the way thanks for the server browser. Endured a full year of hell thanks to your lack of one in SWBF)
    - Leaderboards? Something like that? That would be nice.
    - Character customization is completely absent.
    - Abusing enemy vehicle spawns to camp points. (doesnt bother me i could care less, but its there)
    - Suez.
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