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    Im not sure if anyone else hates the vehicle spawn system but IMO this needs a massive overhaul.
    • Change vehicle load out without having a vehicle to spawn on
    • Change vehicle spawn all together and have individual vehicles (like BF4) currently it is confusing and time consuming
    I would prefer to be able to change my vehicle load out then double click on the vehicle I want quickly, not go through a time consuming vehicle menu that is buggy. Currently if I spawn a second later than someone else I spawn in the middle of nowhere with the vehicle class. This can be frustrating, having to run for 3 minutes to the battle zone only to get dominated by a better infantry class.

    If it was BF4 - if you double clicked the vehicle too late you would spawn into the vehicle as a passenger (or rarely spawn at base with your last infantry class) that doesn't happen here.

    Because of the new vehicle load out/spawn system I haven't used vehicles at all apart from a horse a few times. Once the tanks are taken it is very difficult to even have a turn because they are typically taken for the game or taken by someone else after they spawn back because they can navigate the menu quicker.

    Simplify the system back to individual vehicles which we can double click to spawn on. This is one of my gripes with the UI.
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    t1gge said:

    Hi BF community!
    Last week I started asking this same question to my twitter followers ( - but I might aswell do it everywhere:
    What are your top 5 issues or improvements you'd like to see in BF1 going forward?

    This post is mirrored here:, pick your favorite platform for feedback!

    The medal system right now is.. awful.
    It still loads the ones from the past weeks instead of the one i wanted.
  • Gavyne
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    1. When you throw a grenade, ammo/health pack, set limpet/mines, or when you've just got revived, etc.. pretty much any action ingame, there's a 3 seconds afterwards where you can't shoot your gun. This creates a very awkward environment where you just stare at your opponent's gun and know you're going to die 9 times out of 10. This game is such a great game, this 3 second delay of not firing your weapon makes the game feel clunky. If this is a bug, I hope you can fix this, as this is my top complaint of all issues. If this is intentional, please reduce the delay to 1 second or less.

    2. Gas grenade and mortar spam is a bit overwhelming, this is the worst in Operations. Consider giving mortar a longer delay between firing, this will give players a chance to react to getting hit. Right now you can fire on a target, and immediately press fire again and it pretty much will land a second mortar on the same target location in 2 seconds. I'm a Support main, I know. Also gas grenade spam can be reduced by simply allowing people to have 1 gas grenade per loadout rather than 2. No nerfs necessary to the functions & effects of gas grenades, just reduce them to 1 per loadout would be fine. However there are issues that should be addressed with gas grenades, issues such as gas going through the walls and floors. Also there are times you would die from gas grenade when you don't even see green smoke around you, nor do you get the "gas gas gas put mask on" warning. It'd be nice for this to be made more consistent.

    3. Consider creating an incentive system with Battlepacks, like how MMORPG's have daily/weekly quests. You can create a system that automatically rewards players who have played an x amount of hours each week a battlepack. This will make people happier, and give them the incentive to login and play every week. I personally get plenty of battlepacks so I have no complaints. But I know there are others that aren't as lucky, many have played since launch and barely got one. I think this is where an incentive is in order, it'll both make people happier, and give people the incentive to keep playing BF1. Consider your casual/weekend players, the requirement shouldn't be too excessive for them to reach.

    4. Balance & improve on the game modes.

    -For TDM, currently 12 v 12 and 100 tickets isn't very satisfying. For some maps you would spend a large amount of time looking for enemies. Please consider bumping TDM to at least 18 v 18, and increase ticket count to 200. Right now sometimes games would be over before you are warmed up and you barely got 10-15 kills. TDM should be about mayhem and chaos, not cat & mouse. There are maps like Monte Grappa that are just terrible for TDM.

    -For War Pigeons, please balance out the spawns of pigeons. This is a great game mode, but the spawns can lose you the game sometimes. Pigeons shouldn't spawn right next to the team that just successfully released a pigeon. I also feel players don't really understand this game mode so a bit of tutorial during load screen might help.

    -For Domination, there are games that end in 5 minutes. The games are too short, please consider bumping up the ticket number. This game mode suffers the same issue as TDM, it just doesn't feel satisfying when the matches end so quickly. I know these side game-modes are not Conquest/Operations. But they still need some attention to them. These other game modes attract players from other FPS franchise/games.

    -For Operations, if there's one game mode where you should place a limit on Scouts, this is it. Excessive amount of Scouts ruin the gameplay, they also guarantee a loss if you're stuck on an Attacking team with too many Scouts. When I'm in a good Operations game, it's the best thing ever. Nothing in Battlefield feels like it. But when I'm in a bad match where Attackers can't advance past the first or second point, it can be extremely disappointing & demoralizing. This game mode really requires teamwork, so better team balance is a must here.

    5. Gun balance, for the most part guns feel alright. Just a few tweaks I would suggest.

    -Model 10-A Hunter has too far of a one hit kill range. It needs a larger bullet spread past point blank range.
    -Some LMG's could use a slight damage boost, you could boost the min damage as their damage dropoff is pretty harsh. BAR does not require a buff.
    -Shots to the head should do more damage, it shouldn't take multiple shots to the head to kill someone, it should be a 1-2 shot kills.
    -Revolvers such as Bulldog reloads too slow, nothing should take this long to reload.

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  • valo100
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    can the medal problem be fixed a bit fast now stards to be realy anooyed that every game you get the medals from previus weeks ,,,
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    Here is my top 5.

    1. Debuff airburst mortars they're ridiculously overpowered atm, especially in operations.

    2. The first bunker (B) on Monte Grappa, is almost impossible to capture, if the enemy team digs down and camps in it, for example they're spamming grenades and you can't even run in cause of the incendiary ones. Make a hole at the top when the gun is destroyed, or a 3rd Door somewhere.

    3.Make the pilot/vehicle driver weapons usable, for some classes, or for all except snipers. I would really like to play with a p08 artillery for example, but it's almost impossible right now, cause u have to stay with the vehicle if you want it to be usefull. (repairing)

    4.The Oil of Empires operation should have more battalions to attack, it's not enough for 3 maps, and on the second map it's really hard to attack the last points.

    5.Make an option to continue operations after a game is over, so u don't have to always quit and choose a new one, and i don't mean replay, i mean a button that randomly chooses a new operation and drops you in.
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    Same as Stoorm comment + battlepack rework (gain somehow scraps with every kill or more packs or something) + medals bug.
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  • Casartelli
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    - battlepacks
    - Medals
    - Give assualt 1 canister of gas instead of 2
    - Bring back battlelog. Want to see my round performances, vehicles destroyed etc
    - Go from 1 operation to the other (I usualy start halfway a match on the losing side, almost never at the beginning).

  • Chewbaccamole
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    My thoughts:

    1. BUGS:
    -Please fix the medal tracking system: Sometimes the current week medals will appear on the loading screen, then midgame I've noticed that they switch back to the last week's.
    -Weapon unable to fire and/or fixed on ads after being revived until you switch weapons/gadgets.
    -I've noticed that the "medics nearby" is not representative of where your "death cam" is located, but relative to where your corpse is. I've been revived by medics at 12m according to the indicator.
    -Sometimes a tanker/pilot/cavalryman will not appear with its vehicle/horse.
    -I'm having issues with the [Perf.Overlay DrawFps] console command, where every time I die it's set back to 0 value. I don't know if this is just me or everyone else.

    -Tweak the battlepack awarding system, I've played more than 10 games in a row without receiving anything (even appearing on the top 5). Allow battlepacks to be awarded with service stars and level ups.

    3. UI:
    -Please, loadout (both soldier and vehicle) customization on the main menu, I know we can do this via the companion app or web, but I really don't wanna turn to my phone/tablet to do something I should be able to in-game.
    -Allow us to continue playing after an operation is over without switching back to the main menu, maybe adding a button for "Next operation (Name of the operation) and "Quit" during the post-game screen.

    4. SQUADS: Please, we need an option to mutiny on squad leaders that don't issue orders even after repeatedly being told to do so, and also please set the squads to unlocked by default. I can't tell you how many times I've hopped unto a game with locked squads of 2-3 people, asking them to unlock their squads and being ignored.
    Also, I think squads should be 4-men since every gamemode plays with teams on multiples of 4, It's really frustrating to get into a match of War Pigeons with two 5-men squads and one squad with 2 people.

    5. REPORTS: I'd really like to have an option to report players with toxic behaviour and unappropiate emblems (near pornographic, disgusting, insulting), I know people will tell me to man up, but this really bothers me. Sometimes when I ask my squad leader to issue orders via the commrose or by the game chat I get a "[email protected]#k you" for an answer, and I would really like to report those people.

    6. GUNS: General balance. My main issues here are:
    -BAR1918 has a magazine smaller to every other LMG (20 rounds) yet it deals the same damage. Maybe it should receive a damage buff (similar to how the SCAR-H on BF4 has the smallest magazine of every AR, but it's ammo does more damage).
    -AA guns, I've seen a lot of people complaining about them, I've personally had bad times when piloting, why not give them a fixed magazine size before having to reload (similar to the tanks main guns) and maybe reduce their range?
    -Model 10-A shotgun has an insane OHK range, I think this should be nerfed or traded with some negative aspects, maybe slowing the rate of fire?
    -Please increase the cooldown time for the mortar. Currently operations is a mortar and gas fest with all the spam.
    -I would personally love to have the pilot/tanker guns available outside those classes, at least on TDM/Domination/War Pigeons where they aren't present.

    7.- MAPS: I generally love the map design, but I think there are some maps that are too defender friendly on Operations, making it too hard to progress with the limited reinforcements. These are:
    -Monte Grappa: First hill bunker, (B) flag. I would suggest making the turret hole blowable so people can get inside the bunker and cap it.
    -Ballroom Blitz: At one point there are 3 capture points, too spread out to be taken effectively while keeping your eye on the one(s) already capped. It's a cat and mouse game where while you're capping (C), the enemy is taking back (A) and so on and so forth.
    -Most of the games on the Oil of Empires never make it past Suez, I would suggest adding an extra batallion at least on this operation since it has an extra map.

    -I want to have this addressed ASAP, please. This game demands too much from my CPU (i5 6600 3.3 GHz) as far as reaching 100% and 80°C (which I don't think is normal) and not so much from my GPU (RX 480 8Gb), this is a serious optimization issue that can lead to system damage.

    Those are my suggestions. Overall I love this game. Keep it up!
  • ProbablyFrenk
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    I will try to say stuff people havent mentioned:

    1) operations needs balancing: 64 players is very hard for attackers to win and 40 players is very hard for defnders to win. This also varies depending on the operations, with kaiserschlacht being the most balanced one and oil of empire the most unbalanced.
    2) Fix and improve the companion app. I want battle reports, more stats, info about the maps etc etc
    3) Fix and improve the post match screen, my personal panel shows nothing and the rest feels clunky
    4)improve the optics of the game: they are too few (both the red sights and the iron sights) and not diversified
    5) Fix and/or improve the sudden fps drop without an fps dropping actually.. well, happening. Sometimes it feels like I went from 60 to 20 fps but my fps indicator still reads 60+.
  • incapslap
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    Can someone add the delayed spawns? I totally forgot about this, but someone can spawn a full second after you kill their teammate, meaning you die from behind or while reloading.
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    This thread:
    (Playstation Forum - Please Fix the movement /Aim)


    Thanks t1gge
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    So far, Pretty great game, Graphics are top notch, plays smoothly on my machine, can't complain about any of that. While playing the game (Being used to the Quake genre/et/bfbc2 faster paced action) you'll notice you can't do several action and get back to the fight!

    Prone: With prone, there should be a slight delay since you're laying down and all, but if the gun is still in my hand with a finger on the trigger (in game character animation) then I should be able to fire.. Standing or laying down, you still have a gun in your hand(s) so let us fire.

    Grenades and timing: This one bugs me because you're only using 1 hand to throw a grenade. Yet with your hand still on the gun AND being able to aim down sights - you can't fire your gun until some time after (in a fps game where ALL time is needed to be ready to fire or move out) you already threw the grenade. I'm guessing close to 2 seconds on not being able to fire after throwing.

    Character Animation: Jumping has to be the most frustrating thing in this game. Whether it be you jumping over something 12 feet high in some maps to not being able to jump over a bottle cap on the ground without having to put your legs up to do a character animation initiating your jump. I like how you can jump over stuff, Smash through doors quickly and for the most part climbing up some walls are smooth. but when trying to pull off a fast escape or a fast execution, it becomes frustrating when your character animation delays your ability to fire your gun that is ALREADY in your hands. Edit: most of the time while trying to jump in a window or over some sand bags, I glitch out and teleport back to where I first jumped. I mean, I jumped into a window, it showed me entering the house from the window then I port back outside where I first jumped into the window. Just a mess all around.

    Gas Mask: Great concept, I love it. I'm a gas grenade user myself. but when it comes down to it and how it works, it's severely flawed. Waiting for almost 2 seconds of not being able to fire your gun while putting this mask on or off will get you killed 9 times out of 10(depending if you're in the fight. Lots of bad guys around).

    Melee: YES melee... it is far too slow((for the most part))( LOOKS AMAZING THO lol) I love being able to use my melee and wreck every now and then. my issue is mainly from character animations leaving you vulnerable for too long. yeah I know I stabbed this guy in his heart, I don't wanna sit there and kick his leg or punch his face after I already killed him with my melee, yet I still have to stand there and beat up on a dead body. Frontal attacks seem to be the only way to be fast with melee. Those Character animations at the end of a backstab or bayonet charge take far too long. (some of them take too long to finish the job) Although a couple of times I've got the job done with the blunt melee from positions so it's not all bad. But still, those animations aren't needed to be that long.

    I'm suggesting cutting this delay time down. That's it.
    FPS games are about timing and hand eye coordination. A lot of these game mechanics are slugging down game play for players such as myself as well as many others.

    if I have a gun in my hands, in real life ( since this game is based a lot on realism ) and I put a mask on my face with 1 hand, and the other hand is still on my gun.... guess what... I can shoot. in any situation where someone has there fingers on a trigger, they should be able to shoot. so long you have a gun in your hands.

    Just some suggestions-
  • h41fbak3d
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    1. Weapons - need a better variety, 75% of weapons for each class do the exact damage, hit fire, accuracy etc. Use the BF4 weapon system where each class has a few classes of weapons to choose from. IE Medic can use shotguns, or mhg's etc.
    2. Weapon damage in this game is dreadful. I can unload a mag into someones back and get a total of 13 damage (<--- yes 13) and they turn around and 1 shot me? That is just dumb.
    3. Battlepack system isnt that great. Heres some skins for your guns that all do the same thing.....
    4. Hardcore mode - softcore is horrible. Should NEVER take an entire mag into someone to get a kill when yes each shot registers.
    5. Netcode appears to be pre-BF4 finally fixed. I too notice very often people killing me before turn even come down my street / corner etc.
  • StocksAndBlonds
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    Thank you for listening to the community (not just YouTube guys) . This is not in any order, but here is my top 5:
    1) At the end of the operations, start a new round of operations. This could be a random new operation or you could have a specific order like the conquest servers. Also, operations needs to be in the server browser. Somewhat related, please show the score in the server browser so you don't join a game that's almost over (this applies to all game modes). Also related to operations, please work on balance. I've won 2 out of 100 or so operations I've played as attacker (I enjoy attacking and will switch teams to play attacker, even though I know I will lose). Perhaps adding 1 battalion when you move to the next map (i.e. if you were are on your last battalion, you would get the full one back, like it is now, +1 more for a total of 2 going into the next map. If you only used one totally up you would get the partial one +1 more for a total of 3. If you swept the other team, they would get the behemoth and you wouldn't get any more battalions).
    2) Buff LMG's and support. I think higher damage but more spread would be good. Also the mechanic where the accuracy increases the more you fire is really weird. I don't know if it would be possible, but the ideal for me would be to increase damage, increase spread, and decrease mobility of the player (similar to the sentry) .
    3) Major (as in huge impact on game) bugs like the zeppelin blowing up instantly after spawning and the weather bug.
    4) Weapons don't fire after being revived. Also, when you take off a gas mask or throw a grenade you can't fire your weapon for ~2-3 seconds. Maybe it is designed that way, but if that's the case it's not made clear to the player that they will have a delay after throwing a grenade (so they can adjust play style).
    5) No HUD mode! Please, I beg you, have a no HUD mode with FF enabled (i.e. hardcore with no HUD). The ONLY think I would like on screen is the ability to toggle chat on/off to enable communication with other squad members/team and MAYBE an old school looking compass (I'm 50/50 on it being always on screen but I think it would be totally okay if it was an animation where you look at physical compass).

    I'm also having a problem with very high (97%-100% all the time) CPU usage. Is this being fixed? I'm running a 4670k overclocked to 4.2 ghz, 16gb RAM, and a GTX 1070 FTW and no matter what I change the settings to, I still get stuttering and FPS drops. In fact, it seems sometimes the performance is WORSE on low settings. Monte Grappa and St. Quentin Scar are the worst.

    Also, not bug related, but please pass this on to the map team. Maps like this would be AMAZING (!!!!). Obviously WW1 had no FLIR, which ruined the night map in BF4:
  • WhispererPotato
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    1. Ballance 64 operations better. Its an epic gamemode when attackers progress bit it is a bore when dey dont.
    Some of my suggestions: Disable heavy tanks for derenders, killing them when you are defending is easy enough because everibody is setup and ready but when you are attacking it gets 5 times more dificult, limit supports for defenders because the mortair spamm is awfull. Disable the artilery truck, mortair landship and limit scouts for attackers because they dont push the objective. Maybe also look into disabling some planes for defenders. Finaly i dont like the fixed attack atempts across multiple maps, just give 2 or 3 per map depending on the map. Fix montegrappas underground bunkers.
    2. Operations in server browser
    3. Editying your lodeouts in menu not only n game
    4. Put in the quit button btween rounds in conqest.
    5. (Very minor and subjective) Character customization, i think there are way too many blacks for a WW1 game especialy for germany(scout and cavalery)
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    incapslap said:

    Thanks for asking.

    1. Gun balance and spread reduction. Some guns have poor design mechanics, and they all seem to be designed around weaknesses. Many have horrible spread, especially the LMGs besides the BAR and Madsen, and the SMGs. Some guns have too drastic dropoff, for example, the SMGs which become useless at mid-range (the mid-range guns aren't useless in close-quarters, and some actually beat or are equal to the SMGs - BAR, Madsen, multiple self-loading rifles and even pistols). Assault need a viable gun for the large maps, so they can at least be competitive in the same way the other classes can still compete in close-range (I think this is a big reason for the lack of Assault players on the large maps). The Autoloading Extended is perhaps the best example of strange design, as it has two dropoffs between close- and mid-range, and its TTK doubles in this short range (at 28 m). Having such drastic dropoff creates way too much randomness. Other guns are strong but too limited in ammo, the 1906 is the prime example but there are others which are borderline unusable. And revolvers have too much dropoff, while a few have way too long reload animations.

    In short, make the spread and TTK close to release BF3.

    2. Too many snipers. Somewhat linked to the first point, snipers received buffs across the board while others received nerfs. This has resulted in a bigger sniper problem for this game, and with so many people not playing the objective some maps are ruined. One need only play a game of Oil of Empires or Iron Walls to see that whichever team has more snipers gets stomped. It's not fun for anyone. The solution is to have a normal mode, sniper-limited mode, and a bolt-action-only mode. Get rid of the sweet-spot for the first two and keep it for the last.

    3. Vehicle rebalancing. Armoured car needs a pretty large buff, increase its armour and allow it to repair from inside (perhaps even while moving in a straight line, as in the beta). The tanks need rebalanced to improve fights. Right now the two Heavy Tanks have way too much splash damage, and combined with the fact that all tanks are slow this really contributes to players sitting back for kills. Increase Light Tank Armour, reduce splash damage significantly for the two Heavy Tanks, increase top speed and turning, increase ammo capacity, and allow Rocket-Guns to be fired inaccurately while standing or from a crouched position to counter the tank buff. This would make the tank v tank and tank v infantry fights more interesting and skill-based. Right now the tanks are too easy to use and are balanced in a way that promotes camping/stat-padding.

    4. Operations improvements. Buff attacker tickets while keeping the mode fairly difficult for attackers (maybe the middle sector of the final map), lessen the vehicle disadvantage for defenders to make it less about spam (and medic-trains for the attackers), and remove the full replenishment for battalions at the end of the map. The last point makes it too random where a team can get anywhere from 0-150 tickets extra (0-300 for Oil of Empires), and this could be an even bigger problem if tickets are increased overall, especially in Op Large.

    5. Competitive options. We need Conquest Small and a squad-based mode, perhaps Squad Operations. Another option here is to make a matchmaking system called Team Battlefield where squads or individuals can enter to find games with more of a ptfo mentality. Basically the matchmaking would put squads together in matches and keep the sides even, basically just a matchmaking system that pub-stacks friends and squads into games.

    You guys have done a great job with the maps and the new modes, as well as the options returning skill to the game (removing audio spotting and lock-on weapons), so just increase some of the skilled-play and look at what may be causing people to not play the objective (for example, play too much of a class on maps where others are needed). Then this game would be one of the best ever.

    wow, i don't understand the wining im hearing, yes im seein some valid points but most r dismissable, u wana scout then dont moan u cant heal urself, talkin of scouts, the weapons say 100 damage which incites tht 1 shot 1 kill etc but i frequently hav to put 2 into the runnin camper once he knows he bin spotted, anyway the M1903 experimental could use more power, good wen u up close as long as u have quick trigger finger, also my main issue is the medal system, fine u want us to track them to earn them but pleassseeee sort it out, i get random medal selection from weeks ago and the prob is ive earned most of them so cant get rhem again, u allow 100x per medal but would b nice if i had the randomness to get all of em once let alone 100x, go bk to the old system where u earn them as and wen u do the required, also please make ur site dummy proof as ive struggled postin so posted here instead in the hope tht it will get seen
  • YouGotNepped
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    My one and only major issue with the game is the infantry/on foot aiming on consoles. While at this time it is bearable, it is nowhere as precise as previous Battlefield games. It seems that either the sensitivity is off or that it accelerates too quickly, causing the aiming to go past the intended target. Settings such as the uniform soldier aiming do not fix this issue. Honestly, I do not know exactly what needs to be done in order to get the aiming to the previous Battlefield series standards.

    Other than that, I am really enjoying the game. It is just that the aiming issues on consoles affects the overall experience of the game negatively.
  • Bravo-Winter
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    To anyone saying the bullet velocity needs to be decreased on sniper rifles...check the numbers for SLR's - they are all on par. If you're going to decrease one, you have to decrease them all...

    On top of that though...if you are going to decrease bullet velocity then you HAVE TO decrease the speed at which soldiers move, especially side-to-side strafing. This nonsense of trying to shoot people who spam strafe has been an issue in BF1 and past titles. Having lower bullet velocities would make the issue even worse. Go ahead and try it for yourself and witness your own frustration.

    Oh and I almost forgot...bullet drag has been implmented into BF1...nerfing bullet velocities + bullet drag = bad. Want to make long range sniping harder. Increase bullet drop and decrease body damage after 150 m.
  • Ascend_Winter
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    It is really hard for me to just stick with 5 top issues. Because there is just so much that just really bothers me. T1ggr you might remember me from the dusts video in the CTE. Anyhow.

    1. No locked squad vehicles, really annoying when theres something me and my squad need to do real fast for the team and some random just joins into our vehicle and just hogs the seat while we're way more effective with communication.
    2. FPS drops 100% cpu. Running i5-6600k and a 1070 and still drop to 35 fps on the lowest settings possible. It totally messes up my aim due to the delayed movement.
    3. Supression, it seems to be random as hell. My bullets fly everywhere but where i aim. When i hit someone for 80 health (i have the drop on them) they somehow still outgun me because they missed me. It becomes a rng battle, the person with the luckiest spread wins. It feels cheap as hell.
    4. Mortars are spammed 24/7, make the mortars take longer to replenish. The advange of being able to see the travel path in 3D is a big advantage enough already.
    5. Grenade spam, grenades everywhere. Incendiary grenades work like impact grenades, theres absolutely nothing you can do when a incendiary lands next to you and it explodes on impact. Isn't the impact grenade enough already?
    6. Let me take health packs & ammo packs from my teammates, because they never give me anything despite spamming teamchat with ''need ammo''.
    7. Spawning in combat, it seems to happen way too often that someone spawns on a player that i have just killed. I litteraly kill someone, it is clear FOR SURE. I turn around, and not even half a second later i get sprayed in the back. It happens way too often and its redicilous.
    8. Spawn protection, scrap it all together. I empty half a mag someone and he just sprays me down in a second because they happened to spawn in combat. I either lose half a mag or i die. Its hard enough already to get ammo.
    9. Medics, they need a delay on how fast they can revive. Ive been in situations where ive seen 5 people pile up and i take a couple of them out. While im still taking them out, some kind of medic is just dancing around between them all reviving them 1 by 1. Obviously i lose because the damage of the hellriegel isn't too great and it will run out of ammo eventually. Some people will probably say ''just shoot the medic'', sure... what if all of them are medics?
    The guy on the right that is prone was the first person that i killed. He got revived while i was still spraying. Either increase the ttk dmg of the hellriegel or make a system similiar to battlefield 4 where u spawn with less health if u get revived if the syringe isn't fully loaded. (there were 5 medics in total btw).
    10. Air combat is boring, AA is ruining every dogfight. The range on the AA is insane, you lose control over the plane. And also your health drops like a rock.
    11. Bayonet charges ? what is up with that ? why do we get melee weapons like knifes and maces if someone can just 1 tap u with a bayonet from 10 centimeters away. Seriously, the amount of times that i died from someone that just charges into me from half a meter away is insane. So cheap, 1hit kill and you can't do **** about it.
    12. Spawning on vehicles, people that are not in the squad are able to spawn on planes of your squad mates when they are outside the out of bounds zone. But when ur in the squad u cannot spawn on vehicles that are out of bounds.

    I am a oldschool gamer and not really a customization diva, im used to playing with the same weapons/characters for months in the old ww2 games. Its a nice change to have something so simple again. Thank you for this.
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  • jrotckid2013
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    All machine guns in the support class need a damage buff, enough to make them a bible means of self defense, I'm tired of firing nerf darts. The BAR takes HALF A MAGAZINE to kill, that's unacceptable, all MGs need a major damage buff, especially the BAR with its small magazine.

    Spawns are all kinds of messed up, see my "Fix Spawns" post for reference.
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