Battlefield 1 - Top 5 issues or improvements


  • Fel9167
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    Has the tracked medal bug been resolved ? I couldn't find any mention of it in the patch notes.
  • jackwase
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    1. Medal system bugged already been mentioned. It would be nice to be able to track whichever medal you want instead of having to wait weeks for the one you wanna do.
    2. Spawn system needs a look at, I'm fed up of getting spawn killed all the time.
    3. Cavalry class is op but the horse is too awkward to manouvre. It gets stuck if there is a rock or a fence 2m away, and by the time u manage to turn around u are dead.
    4. Not been able to exit games at the end is annoying also.
    5. Finally I would like to see more customization of weapons and vehicles, not just skins for looks. (And dismembrament if u get hit by a cannon + no revive available for such deaths).
  • MoveZiggula
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    I know I'm late to the party, and this list is way more than just 5 things, but since it's so late I figure I'll take any chance I can get to have these seen by anyone on the development team. Some things are bugs, some are QOL, and some are just thoughts based on balancing (from the perspective of a long time Rush-only player).

    * Separate skip and actual time-out timers for respawning: as of right now a dead body can sit at a timer of 0 with no way to see how long it actually takes to time out with the player just sitting in a skip-ready state

    * Health and ammo really need to show on the mini-map. There's a lot of arguments to be made for what does and doesn't need to be there, but those seem like two really big ones that the vast majority of players would like to see.

    * I know this is probably against the specific design philosophy of the game or what was envisioned during the creation process, but I know I would like to see a 1.00x magnification on the Optical variants.

    * Rather obvious given the outcry at the moment, but the lack of the ability to leave between matches, especially considering it was possible during the beta.

    * The overall responsiveness of the menus (both main and in-game) need a serious overhaul and layout reconfiguration (particularly the deployment screen). Some things seem pretty counter-intuitive and basically they just work like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    * Another obvious one (or two?), but the lack of the ability to customize loadouts outside of the game (or the companion app), either through a menu and/or a test range. Also the companion app currently doesn't allow for tanker class changes, resets loadouts (avoidable if you only use it to change what is equipped and not make actual changes to the weapon customization although I think this has been disabled probably for that reason).

    * The spawn system needs a serious overhaul as well, the map swoop is neat and all but currently leads to delayed spawns in game with soldiers appearing away from their target and in combat and on dead soldiers, etc. Furthermore, the actual selection of spawn points is kinda broken and timing out on someone who is in combat shouldn't jerk your selection away, it should remain where it is but just not selectable. It is also rather difficult to see when squadmates are alive but in combat. There's a persistent bug too where a spawnpoint will say it is invalid but if you change away from it and then back it works just fine. Selecting soldiers with a mortar deployed is also a nightmare.

    * I like some of the design changes with spotting, but it seems broken at the moment and too difficult to spot target that you're looking directly at or are considered behind fog though you can see them clearly.

    * Horse rider health still seems ludicrous after dismounting, thought this was something that was addressed from the beta? I have sniper shots hitting them for 15 when they're on foot and this seems to be off the mark.

    * Weapon variants could use more explanation in game.

    * Gas grenades persisting through solid cover (though this is a problem with all grenades hitting through solid cover at the moment), seemingly lasting too long, too difficult to tell where the cloud begins, and soldiers carrying too many.

    * Heavy tanks could use some tweaks, their combined speed, health, firepower, and "perks" make them a better pick than almost any other tank expect for a few key scenarios.

    * There are a lot of times where you cannot fire your gun (after being revived, sometimes with grenades, sometimes switching weapons, sometimes after toggling gas mask, etc).

    * Sniper sweetspots seem very unnecessary and anti-fun except for the snipers obviously.

    * Support LMG's need some tweaks, but I couldn't possibly say what, just that they're not in a good place as of right now.

    * No squad lead pass on order request time out.

    * Too many steps to mute a player (on PS4).

    * Smoke density seems too high right now, screen literally just turns gray with no sort of particle effects, zero vision.

    * Grenades are too powerful: blast radius, damage, hitting through cover, resupply rate, capacity for gas and smoke. Same goes for rifle grenades.

    * Abundace of invisible walls.

    * Limpet charges not exploding / sticking / critical damage.

    * HUD elements are extremely obstructive (I know it's configurable, but the default is really bad).

    * Kill log not showing names or weapons a lot of times (wex, gas and incediary grenades, etc).

    * Difficulty placing health and ammo crates on most terrain.

    * Bayonet charge not announcing, ramp up time/distance is way too short.

    * The commo rose is slow and doesn't work a lot of times.

    * Issues turning an emplacement weapon past a certain point a lot of times. Instead of just holding the side direction to keep turning sometimes you have to point the stick in odd directions to keep it turning past +/-90º.

    * Melee on sentries has poor detection and you are left just clinking off of their armor from the rear for several swings before it connects.

    * Auto picking up kits / getting in vehicles that are next to the objectives after it's done (dis)arming.

    * The iron sights on the M1903 experimental make my head hurt.

    * It's my understanding this is being fixed today but the medal system is beyond broken.

    **Rush specific balancing issues:**

    * Elite pickups are very out of place, randomly skewing the fight back and forth in an unpredictable manner is just not fun.

    * Dynamic weather heavily favors the attackers.

    * Given the abundance and duration of gas grenades they tend to cover most of the map most of the time in Rush... and the way they persist through walls at the moment makes it very detrimental to gameplay.

    * Heavy tanks absolutely dominate Rush.

    * Assault = gas + shotgun + anti-tank grenade spam... given the bunkercentric telegraph locations this just leads to headaches where most players just play assault. We really need more open telepgraph locations.

    * Horse soldiers need tweaks in order to fit into Rush.

    * Defenders getting armor when they really shouldn't (first one that comes to mind is the final base of St. Quentin Scar).

    * Grenade spam (due to the reasons listed above) is way too prevalent.

    * Current boundaries and spawn locations lead to spawn camping in both directions (you can literally sit and watch people spawn all day long on almost every map, both defenders and attackers seem to be able to push up too far into each others spawns at the moment).
  • Junkers52_Th
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    I know it might be only a small issue, but could you please fix that "perfoverlay.drawfps 1" Bug after the player is dead ? With every new spawn or round you have to enter it into the console, the user.cfg workaround doesn't work. Thanks
  • denjoga
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    1. Spotting doesn't work as it should.
    2. Spotting should be more sensitive and responsive.
    3. If I can see someone, I should be able to spot them.
    4. If I can place my reticle on an enemy, either ads or not and regardless of weapon or sight, one press of the spot button should spot them.
    5. Fix spotting.
  • ClarenceBEEFtank
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    Apparently DICE is not aware that the BAR fires a freaking .30-06 round. It shouldn't require 5 bullets to drop someone standing 10m away from you.
  • shakes180
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    They really screwed up sli for everyone
  • shakes180
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    I mean every one wtf dice
  • Kakukazoga
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    (I'm a PC-player)

    1. performance
    2. performance
    3. performance
    4. performance
    5. performance

    60fps (on lowest graphics @ 1080p), seconds of freezing, horrible frametimes. With a 1080GTX @ 2GHz. Seriously DICE / nvidia?
    And I am not talking about DX12, there it is even worse!
  • Stefan_F0X
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    I read about the new updates but I could not find anything about people camping spawn with boats. People are just driving the boats too the other spawn and sit there and shoot the enemy boat and get top score for destrying boats. Is this something that has been fixed?
  • BostonGamer21
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    Stefan_F0X wrote: »
    I read about the new updates but I could not find anything about people camping spawn with boats. People are just driving the boats too the other spawn and sit there and shoot the enemy boat and get top score for destrying boats. Is this something that has been fixed?
    Not sure this will deter people from spawn camping, but this is from the patch notes:
    Fixed so torpedo boats are immortal when spawned until player has entered them to prevent an exploit.
  • grrlpurple
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    Medals and
  • iano1978
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    Support for Platoons.

    That is all.
  • MotoX829NY
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    t1gge wrote: »
    Hi BF community!
    Last week I started asking this same question to my twitter followers ( - but I might aswell do it everywhere:
    What are your top 5 issues or improvements you'd like to see in BF1 going forward?

    This post is mirrored here:, pick your favorite platform for feedback!

    I like trying to switch up how i play so i look forward to the medals resetting each week and trying something I normally wouldnt or didnt think of using. I would like to see maybe a daily medal along with the weekly ones but right now each week when they reset it isnt so forall game modes. say they reset on the loading screen but when you pause in game they are completely different or not set as the active medal.
  • ImReallyNotATree
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    After reading the fall update notes (good job with the clarity and support and some changes) there are still some issues that I feel need addressing. Just a quick note, this is my favourite BF title since BC2, 4 was excellent but BC2 held a special place in my heart that has been taken/equaled by 1, so thanks and good job DICE!

    1. The party system.
    It is probably the worst 'group up with your friends and play together system' of any game I have played to date, and I've suffered Nosgoth's party system.

    a) No options (kick/view profile etc.)
    b) No clear control/structure who is party leader? Why can everyone in the party search for a game and trigger invites to everyone else? Inviting someone to your party when you're in a game and trying to have them join is a massive challenge - in part down to their being no dedicated party leader. We've had times where we get the new person to search and we accept the invite (that they trigger) and we end up in different games entirely??.
    c) No option (in game) to join a friends party (why only through Origin when it doesn't function properly/is slow/unresponsive?) only invite them to yours. I thought battle.log was poor (mostly due to the fact that it was in a browser) but this new system trumps it and I don't know how it made it through alpha/beta. I would rather have battle.log back than this current system.

    2. Cannot ADS/Shoot after being revived. (99% sure this wasn't addressed in fall update)

    a) There's a bug that occurs on being revived where you cannot aim or fire your gun until you swap it out sometimes it is fixed to the centre of the screen other times it doesn't display at all. Now this is hugely annoying, due to the fact it gets you killed by preventing you from firing if you get revived in the middle of a fight, and happens way too often (alas I cannot tell what specifically triggers it). If I am up and running around why can I not fire my gun, it is more than a 'respawn delay' as when it doesn't happen you can start firing as soon as you're revived.

    3. Mortars.

    a) I have a huge problem with how these function. In BF4 they were annoying, yes, but they didn't give you a birds eye view of where you were firing and the people around - you had to plot a point on a map, which makes way more sense considering the WW1 setting we are now in. I'm 90% certain they didn't have satellite technology that beamed the target area of the mortar to soldiers eyeballs.
    I used it once and was disgusted by how it functioned and how ridiculously op it was (just being able to see clearly where people are) that I have never touched since, I don't intend to use it again (boohoo me..).
    b) People using mortars cannot be insta-killed by a melee attack (even from behind) this makes 0 sense, having to stab/bonk/smack a crouching person who can't defend themselves 3 times to kill them is kind of ridiculous. During this time you risk them reacting and getting away/killing you/being killed by someone else because it took too long.

    As the meleeing player you thought it would be a quick efficient free kill because you wrongly assumed that as you were already behind them/they had no way for them to prevent the inevitable knife to the throat it would work as it works in every other melee insta-kill case eg. backstab/someone prone, but no it doesn't. I think it is also the case for a bayonet charge on a mortar using player. Again no sense was made in this situation - from the perspective of the person with the stabbing/bludgeoning implement, and perhaps the person on the mortar is also surprised to find his health being chunked down and to get up and see someone wildly swinging a knife/club in his direction.

    4. Shotguns.
    I noticed they had a balance pass in this update, which is great. They did too much damage at ranges beyond what they should be effective at.

    a) Their fire rate was not touched and I feel like this is an issue as it is too rapid, the pump action shotgun feels almost like a semi-auto weapon, there is such a small delay between shots. Disclaimer: it may be less of an issue with the damage fix but I have yet to see this first hand, so my point shall remain.

    5. Taking ammo from players.

    a) This was a feature in Hardline, where you could grab ammo (and health) from nearby support players ( and medics). It is something I would like to see in BF1, the ammo variant - less so the health variant as i think this trivialises the medic role. All too often i have to spam q->-> request ammo to not get anything from a support player, even if im right next to them.
    This often resorts to me having to take their kit/enemy kit after death to feed myself bullets. Having to spam request on a support player/source a kit breaks the flow of gameplay, I don't mind picking up an enemy kit if I have to, but if i have a support player on my team near me I'd rather get the ammo from them/expect them to throw it down as a habit (which they rarely do). It may also help to have a different icon for supports/medics who don't have resupply/revive equipment to avoid confusion when requesting things from them that they can't provide.

    Apologies for wall of text... again thanks for a great game, keep up the good work!

    P.S. I still don't have my alpha player dog tags : (

    P.P.S. extra credit to the audio team for doing an awesome job with the sound

  • BoboCoon
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  • ConansDad
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    #1 the way squads are populated needs to be fixed to encourage tactical units being created.
    I suggest that players should be able to request squad lead position and be promoted to leader if the current leader doesnt give orders.

    #2 Too many automatic weapons for WW1. Authentic-hardcore mode with mostly bolt action rifles and low rof weapons. BF1 is basically only cosmetically different when it comes to weapons that a WW2 game

    #3 Single life battle league! A battle with no, or limited respawn to stop bunnyhopping ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ from playing like one would never in a real battle.

    #4 a 1/2 second pause when a player reverses strafing direction. This will stop the "riverdance" maneuver which is so bullshitty.

    #5 horses die just as quickly as humans do when bullets go into them.

    Bonus: Make Battlefield 1772!
  • ZZxin
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    Test Range Please.
  • crane96
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    If we keep getting loading loops, lag after taking a screen shot or in the main menu this game is going to be about as popular as the division. When Bf4 came out it had its faults but at least we had a damn hardcore is battlefield doing?
  • xor511
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    edited November 2016
    1. The quit button at the end of the match needs to stop vanishing. It works just fine the way it is in BF4, can we keep it this way?

    2. Spamming Q continuously needs to stop working, and it needs to not work at all past a certain distance under low visibility weather conditions. I thought we were past this when it was fixed in BF4.

    3. The LMGs need to have a proper LMG role not a Battlefield Heroes(TM) LMG role. The Lewis gun was firing .303 caliber, same as the Lee Enfield and the Vickers MG, not pistol caliber, and definitely not intended for close quarters. If it needs to have close quarter weapons it would be just fine to give it access to assault or medic close quarter weapons.

    3. Suppression needs to work. If there is an argument against the debuff effect then just make the weapons deadlier. In real combat there are no visual effects for suppression, people stay behind cover just because it is very dumb to peek out a window when bullets are randomly being fired at it. The current BTK is just too weak for most weapons to work for suppression.

    4. Those damned misplaced MG emplacements, if we could have a way to relocate them or deploy them ourselves (like the mortar) they would actually be pretty important in the game, they could be used for defending points and there would be more strategy to defense and assault.

    5. The support repair tool needs a nerf. The driver repair requires taking the vehicle out of combat but the support repair tool allows you to repair a vehicle while it is fighting, which is a return to the BF4 scout heli repair tool abuse. I will not claim innocence on this, I have been using this to my advantage but I definitely think it is unfair and cheap to repair vehicle while it is in combat.

    Oh yeah, before hardcore is released: Please do not remove HUD/UI in hardcore like it was done in a previous title (BF3? BF4?), it just ruins it.
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