I cant play my own server...

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Where do i view the players? Can i kick someone? How do join my own server? I rented a server, it was full in a short moment after, ive been in queue for i dont know how long, but loooong. Ive paid for this server, how do i get in. I should have some advantage getting in right?

Also every little change i do makes it custom, in other words unranked. Just feels unfair. I can have a handguns only server if i want too, but it wont rank me up and wont affect my stats? Its fair play thou, everyone else plays with the same so why cant it be ranked? Its not like i have an advantage or something, right?

They could keep the "custom" symbol in the server browser, but unranked? why? Yes maybe make it unranked if changing bullet dmg or health regen, but medic only, no shotguns, no snipers, why make stuff like that unranked?

I hope they change alot of that, what do you guys think? Also if anyone can tell me how to get into my server ive paid for ill appreciate it. -Edit: im on PS4 btw-


  • Shimanoman2001
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    Looks like you purchased a beta server and they havent added all the features, though they may be limited anyway.... thats why we are waiting till the final results to order, if we even do....
  • PsychoDuckUK
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    Same for me, I cant get into my own server and changing the server settings dont apply, wtf.
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