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Server Rental not working?

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Is there an ETA on when server rental will be available?

Also while waiting, is this going to be similar to the BF3 server rental (the only one that was worthwhile), or more towards BF4's terrible rental server that doesn't even use quickmatch unless you give up anything and everything that is the point of renting a server?

And it seems I can only add 6 maps to rotation?

EDIT: The rental worked, only doing a week to try it out. So far very disappointed as pretty much any customization changes the preset from normal to custom, and only being able to have 6 maps in rotation is absurd. Hoping quick-match actually works with it unlike in the past 2 BFs, or this may as well be entirely useless. Also why is there no option to disable the behemoth like there is to disable vehicles? The behemoth is one of the worst things about this game and not being able to disable it in a rented server is ridiculous.
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