Crossfire not working after latest patch



  • Scrubuffleupagus
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    I7 5820k CF Fury's x no flickering but I am getting alright scaling I'm also running the newest drivers relive I hope AMD comes out with a CF profile for bf1

    The Fury is doing amazingly well. Congrats on your choice. turns out these older card are faster than GTX 1070 in BF1. Im rocking one of them myself.
  • d3oneGeneral
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    im running 2x r9 280x oc wf3 and my fps is so ****, my fps is between 30-90 not stable on ultra. The fps on single card is between 50-80 and stable on ultra.
    my specs are
    16GB ram
    the game is installed on SSD (840 Pro 256GB)
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