This Week in Battlefield V

auto convert to window mode every 15 secs after the patch

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edited November 2016
Before this "patch upgrade", everything was perfect, great graphic, great performance, almost locked 4k/60fps on max setting, probably the best launch quality on any AAA games to the date.

But as soon I installed this "update", everything went down to hell. Don't get me wrong, I'm very tolerable, I can withstand other bugs, but what's up with this **** auto window mode self convert every 15 secs? I reset the setting to full screen, quit the game and enter again, auto coverted to window mode after 15 secs, I alt + enter, played in full screen for 20 secs and again coveted to window mode and got me killed in action

This is not an "upgrade" this is a straight up downgrade, that dev did this really love game in window mode does he? grats, I need to hang up this game till you dash out the next "update"
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