Blue Screen Issues

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Hi All,

I seem to have regular crashes (blue screen) on my Windows 10 computer whilst playing Battlefield 1.

I haven't really had any crashing issues and havent installed any new hardware.
The crashes occur randomly mid-game, and seem to almost always occur on multiplayer after finishing a map and waiting for the next map (though not always).
I have tried to run through Windows, Asus and Nvidia support but have had no success. All drivers are up to date.

I am told the log files (minidumps) from the blue screen indicate the following:

BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff80d2797e9f3, ffffb7001c5251f0, 0}
Probably caused by : ntoskrnl

Has anyone else had the same issue?
Is anyone able to assist/advise how I can diagnose what is causing the blue screen crashes and fix?



  • Cipilica28
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    Yes, I opened a thread more than a week ago, I am experiencing these issues again, after 7 days without BSODs, they are back

    Win 10 up to date, Video driver up to date, RAM tested ok, changed the game to a new hard disk.....Its hard to believe is something to do from the hardware, because we are so many people having these issues, but no one cares apparently...

    I bought a new PC with very good components, just to play this game....and its very map can play OK, , than BSOD
  • 7_Hz
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    BSOD is caused by an unstable PC, BF1 is just the catalyst in this case.

    Test CPU with Prime95 and test RAM with memtest.

    The ntoskrnl.exe BSOD is usually related to memory, driver conflicts can also cause BSOD but then it would most likely point to that in the bugcheck (i.e nvlddmkm.sys).

    Motherboards often have multiple BIOS updates from release to fix instability and compatibilty issues, they rarely come with the latest pre-installed.
  • sammychch
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    google ntoskrnl
  • J0P3S
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  • 7_Hz
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    J0P3S wrote: »

    It's not a BF1 bug/issue though or lots of people would be getting it like this DX function error. Not just the odd few with slightly unstable PC's.
  • ZyGViking2121
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    BSOD can be caused my a number of things, I'll start with the most common hardware related issues the can cause a BSOD

    *RAM: You can test this left and right and it can still cause a BSOD, I've seen Memtest even say RAM is good but its not. Best why to test this if you multiple sticks of ram, Take a stick out and rerun whatever you normally BSOD in. Try other sticks of RAM as well if you have them laying around. This wont always fix RAM related BSOD's, Go to your bios and set the RAM to run at a lower speed than your XMP profile, You can also give the RAM a bump in voltage, not to much. Try the game or whatever is giving you a BSOD.

    *Temps: Keep your temps within spec of each part, I typically don't like Intel CPU's to much above 80C when its overclocked, AMD You need to keep the Cores below 62C, lower the better. When you overclock, you really always want to lower your max temp for maximum stability. Same with graphics cards, I set my fans on my 780ti's to run at 100% at 70C, they top out at 82C with some heavy gaming that can use them at 100%, Keep them below 90C at stock speeds and you are normally good to go.

    *Video cards: Well this is a bit complicated as well, most of the time if you get a BSOD because of the video card or drivers, you can see the error in the Event Viewer for both AMD or Nvidia. But this Error can also be caused by other things so its never really a guarantee Video card/Driver issues if you get this error. But to rule things out, you can Wipe the drivers with Display Driver Removal Tool and download and install the newest driver, reboot everytime. A weak PSU or faulty PSU can also cause video drivers to crash and result in a BSOD.

    *PSU: PSU can cause a BSOD or brown outs, on good models, they shut off before damage is down, some models do not and will cause a BSOD because something isn't getting enough power. What I like to do to test this is throw up Heaven Benchmark and then run Intel Burn Test on custom and raise the amount of RAM to about 500mb under my max amount of usable RAM, go to much and the system will start to freeze up. Just be careful and watch temps, and stay with the PC if you are not sure of the PSU, I've had some smoke or start to give up a smell after 20min and had to cancel the tests. I've had some even throw out sparks so stay with your PC if you do this!

    *Software: I've had issues in the past with malfunctioning software causing BSOD's, but its 99% cause by software that can take control of a piece of hardware, like the sounds or even Video drivers. I had a external streaming card software cause BSOD's every time I opened the stupid thing. Normally you can see the fault in the Event Viewer. Most programs such as games usually just crash, never a BSOD.
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