Logical Discussion on Server Rentals



  • Mr_Amadeus68
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    I do not think they don't care. I also think it is extremely difficult to communicate upcoming changes and additions to the game to the community. At Robert Space Industries they are now doing an experiment to give the community an inside in the development timelines. They must be carefull because also development timelines are not final. Even with the scum method some code is not complete on time, and when the community misreads it, they expect the new feature while it is not ready for production yet, starting new flames.

    I do not have the solution, but DICE has the knowhow in-house (Procon Developer) to get new features in.

    On the side, I rented a server for a day for our clan, and did not extend. It filled up with non-clan members on our game night, so it did not add to our fun to game together and against each other on the same server.
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