All conquest maps need to have AA and LOTS of it.



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    There's enough AA on all the maps to deal with airplanes.
    I respectfully disagree. There is one map that usually has a lack of AA.
    The Sinai desert map has AA only on the in the 3 bases that are in the middle of the map (C, D and G). A total 4 of them if I recall.
    In my personal experience all of them tend to get destroyed quite fast either by a ground fight or by bombers. One of the 2 AAs at G can in fact be destroyed permanently if someone demolishes the building that it is on.
    So often this map turns into what I call "Pilot's Safe Space" where a decent bomber with a decent tailgunner is almost unchallenged.
    The only counters right now in Sinai there are a good trench bomber pilot or someone who manages to snatch a vehicle slot from the tank **** for an AA truck.
    I say that as someone who is both decent at flying in bombers and at destroying them from the ground (as well at bombing AAs)


    Some Conquest maps need some AA adjustment, Sinai is definitely one of them.
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