I expect 80 player game



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    1. DICE will not take the risk at launch to include 80 players
    2. Before making 80 players possible, CTE is necessary
    3. If 80 would be included, then only on bigger maps
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    48 players is optimal fun according to Dice.
    If you want more players they need to implement a command hierarchy that actually works.

    Force squadmembers to stick with squadleader.
    Let squads have to make names for what they are about like
    - anti tank squad
    - infantry
    - tank squad
    Give commanders the abilty to give missions to squads
    - tank squad defend infantry squad bravo
    - air squad protect tanksquad from air threats

    You don't do what command wants?
    No points.
    Do you have a bad commander?
    You can give your squadleader and commander a star ranking at the end of a round.
    Is he extremely good? Recomendation for purple heart
    Now you have a ranking system driven by community.Much like 'little big planet's ' player made level ranking system.
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