This Week in Battlefield V

anyone been apart of any amazing CQ turn-around victories ??

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I have recently played a few 2000 ticket count rooms it keeps the action going !

i was on the losing team on Amiens it was roughly 300-700 we managed to somehow turn it around and win 2000 to 1975

the turning point was we managed to capture E,C,& D and for some reason the majority of our team decided to defend C,D which enabled us to control the outcome far more

best game ive played so far


  • Khaotik707
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    Haven't seen any 2000 ticket servers, wish we had some.

    Been in some great comebacks in Suez (v1), the one that stands out was when we were 100-500 and the entire team actually decided to play smart and just hold C & B and not let a single enemy past their A flag, after a while they gave up and we took A and they never capped another flag.
    Argonne, and this is not a big comeback but 800ish-900ish and ended up winning 1000-999.

    This is probably the most ridiculous one and it happened last night, I joined a St Quentin just on the halfway point of the round, score I joined into was 500-200 my team up, at the end of the game it was 604-1000 (my team was special lol).

    Those I remember vividly, I think I've been in some good comebacks on the bigger maps, but they bleed together and I remember nothing specific.

    I find comebacks tend to happen when the Behemoth is used well, particularly the Blimp, if it gets filled with idiots there's basically no hope.
  • DisfunkD86
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    if you go on server browser you can find Core servers where they have increased the ticket count to 200% and respawn to 50%

    theres nothing quite like being involved in a turnaround.

    i also remember being on the side of a team 200 points ahead only to lose by 10
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