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Suez IS a good map

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its the only CQ map that required consistant team work

the map is currently played left to right, or right to left.

the only way to be trully successful on this map is to be part of a 5 man squad back capping at every opportunity. its vitally important to break the link of three flags.

the other great thing about this map is the potential for the use of smoke. Because the map is linear in its direction particularly A, C & E smoke is a massive game changer.

for example on C if you are attacking from D if a 5 man squad systematically launch a smoke grenade ALONG THE HOUSE LINE from left to right you will give yourself cover to cap C from all the snipers in the houses as well as enemies rushing from B.

Vise versa if you are attacking from B launching smoke to form a long large line whihc protects C will give you a massive edge considering nobody from D will be able to see you.

Smoke in general is the perfect tool its thick and it lasts, any objective subject to potential sniper fire, launch smoke to protect yourself from your most vulnerable angle

if 1 team used smokes effectively on SUEZ they would dominate that map


  • Jedi76
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    DisfunkD86 wrote: »
    if 1 team used smokes effectively on SUEZ they would dominate that map

    This is correct actually, but most of them don't, I get a lot of sniper kills on Suez. Mainly because, as you say, the map is rather linear with plenty of buildings that have balconies, also people like support and medics seem to hump the sand dunes for whatever reason, perfect headshot fodder!

    It's a far better map than FAO Fortress, I despise that one.
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    "Suez IS a good map."

    Said no one ever playing conquest who doesn't like going prone.
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    Suez is fine.

    The issue is the community. I've said this before - there's just a real hesitancy from the Battlefield community to actually PUSH objectives unless those routes are super highly protected routes (Argonne).

    The fact that the ENTIRE Northern side of Suez is available as a massive, visually obstructed flanking route, that NOBODY actually uses, is disappointing.

    Suez always plays the same - really good push into C at the beginning by both teams, but then the team that closes C ends up pulling out sniper rifles and climbing onto the sand dunes or the buildings and digs in, rather than continuing to push back.

    Then you have the poor small squad of 2-3 guys who actually try and flank, and sometimes are successful in doing so, but because there are so few of them they just can't cap flags properly enough to initiate a backrage.

    There's a reason why every map of Locker or Metro or Suez plays the same - it's because the community fails to understand the importance of actually pushing objectives on these smaller maps.
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