PS4 BF1 Platoon looking for mature members with mics to join a structured platoon

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Hello everyone, I am platoon leader of the U.S. Army Green Beret's, to tell you a little about this platoon first off not everyone in this platoon was a Green beret or served in the Army or in the military, however we do have members that did, also so far one of them was a Green Beret. We are a structured platoon who uses team work and communication to win the game. List below I hope will answer any of your questions about our platoon and what we would like to see from you. If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask below or you can send me a psn message at swat_9000. Thank you for your time. A big thank you to the military vets and there family's who are still serving, retired and the ones who never came home. Platoon name U.S. Army Green Beret's Casual or competitive members ? I would say both we play the objective the focus is to use team work and communication to win the game, but we have a good time doing so. Structured or thrown together platoon? Structured use military rank structure in the platoon. Language does platoon speak? English Time zone is platoon based out of? U.S. Mountain time (other time zones and world players still welcome) Normal or hardcore? Normal Game mode: conquest mainly but we been known to play others Rented server? yes U.S. Army Green Berets recruiting Platoon website? yes Social media sites? yes coming soon Age limit? 18 plus looking for mature players however we will make an exception if the person acts mature and can follow basic tasks. Headset? yes a requirement but you can join if planing on getting one and you can follow orders KD limit? no requirements we use team work to win Playing limit? we ask atleast members play 4 times a week we all have lives and work. however inactive members will be kicked. If your interested in joining or have any additional questions feal free to send swat_9000 a psn friend request (stating would like to join) Thank you for your time
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