High Ping Problem (999), Help Please.

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Today i played some bf4, and it was all good until i disconnected to have dinner.
After, when i rejoined the server, my ping was stuck at 858/999ms. No one wasn't connected to the wifi,
my pc wasn't downloading any updates. I did a speed test from my phone and it was ping 38.
After i did a speed test with my pc, ping 39ms.
From task manager i see the wifi usage is like 120/130kbps when in game... it's all normal. I restarted my modem and my pc.
What's the problem?
I can play all other videogames with normale ping (50-60ms). I'm on widnows 10. Sorry for low qual, i did this quickly.



  • RustedRoot
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    Unfortunately WiFI will fluctuate quite a lot. Is there any possibility you could hard wire your PC to your router?
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