Battlefield 1 DICE Friends Recipients

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The final and most asked for Dog Tag is of course the DICE Friend Dog Tag. Acquiring this one will not be a standard affair, and is based on the following criteria:

“A DICE Friend is a nominated Battlefield 1 player who has helped DICE and Battlefield 1 through things like community building, events, tournaments, bug tracking help, or other positive influences”.

A small DICE group/committee will consider nominations from the community and recommendations from the dev team.
Every person awarded a DICE Friend Dog Tag will be called out as to why they have been selected.


  • Braddock512
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    Round 6 is here.

    Nominated by DICE
    • S8F_ - Great guy who welcomed me to the competitive Battlefield community both online and out at a Game Changers event in Stockholm.
    • TheCadWoman - Consistently makes videos about Battlefield 1 on YouTube and often seen on CTE and Battlefield related events. A positive and productive Battlefield player.

    Nominated by Community Management
    • Alexelcapoyt - BF Veteran player since Battlefield Bad Company, Game Changer and an important member of the Spanish community.
    • iaLexBY11 - One of the very first youtubers to upload spanish battlefield gameplays in our country. Distinguished community member.
    • lodeplocs - Working and helping spanish players out there to improve their gameplays along forums and many others RRSS. Vehicle expert.
    • Rasta_trakais - Russian FNB participator, who created stable community of guys playing almost every day and he also helps us managing the event.
    • IIPrest0nII - IIPrest0nII is a Hero at EA Answers HQ forums. Within 3 years he provides assistance to Battlefield Community on AHQ English forums and Russian forums as well. In addition to this, He is an active member on official Battlefield forums and also helps players there. He is also a Volunteer Moderator on official Star Wars Battlefront forums.
    • lSanchezI - Founder and administrator of the BATTLEFIELD Life Community in Russian VKontakte social network. Helping the community, creating posts, contests, giveaways, making collaborated events with official group, posts news about Battlefield, helping with screenshot making.
    • AscotBailey-2 - Editor of the Battlefield Life Russian community, he also creates community events, giveaways, and now busy with PS4 tournament. Your job makes community be better, soldier. Keep it up!
    • Guit88man -Guit88man - one of the key Russian speaking streamers, making Battlefield franchise more popular in RU segment. Well, you deserved it!

    • MG_79828994 - MG displays the kind of character that definitely defines a DICE Friend - helping another gamer complete a mission. During the May 2018 Easter Egg hunt, he helped one of our deaf community members complete the challenge (the last bit is audible) and displays his passion for the #BestCommunityintheWorld on a regular basis. 

    Nominated by Community
    The actual nomination by their name is a direct quote from the community member who nominated them.
    • mguzman1108 - Has been a big help to the Battlefield community on Answers HQ.
    • iamevildacat - Has done some amazing work within our small but growing community, getting a lot of us recognised with our gameplay and montages. He is constantly active on the battlefield and he also has a top plays series , explosive kills, kill streaks etc. Which HE dedicates a lot of time to. His love for battlefield is second to none.
    • JustJokerThings - Joker is a wonderful person. He's mainly a Battlefield Streamer, who also took over doing the FridayNightBattlefield Fliers every week for the Event. He's very knowledgeable about Battlefield, and is always there to help the Community whenever possible. He's easily approachable, and is one of the best people that I know in this Community.
    • KingAchilles666 - On the digital Battlefield, you need someone you can trust to watch your "six", even more so when it’s a real-life one. KingAchilles666 has proven that he’s a professional on both. From serving the US in combat, to putting on a Medic “Master Class” anytime he joins a server in BF1, Steve proves that he’s the guy you want watching your back, whether it be with a Rifle or a Syringe. He’s a true credit to the Best Community in the World through his work as the Battlefield Community Manager with the Overly Mediocre Gamers. KingAchilles666 is a class act, both as a Life-Giver (and Taker) on the Battlefield, and as a representative of the franchise. It’s good to be the King.
    • Losssy - I mean, what awesome things can I say about Losssy that haven't been said already?! He's a GameChanger, Battlefield YouTuber, and has been there for all the CTE events that we've had. He's a pleasure to talk to, and is always informative in his creative videos. He's always willing to work with the Community, and help them in any way he can. One of the best dudes I know, that definitely deserves the DICE Friend Dog Tag. 10/10 would nominate again!
    • LoganTheBrawler - more then once a week he keeps the facebook group, youtube, and other social media platforms up-to-date with the know all of battlefield. i feel if anyone deserves it, its him. me and him share a facebook group together of 900+ members ( BATTLEFIELD PC | CONSOLE ) and i firmly feel like if it was not for his passion for the game and equal and positive respect he shows to other players that it wouldnt have grown to what it is now.
    • LW__Prince - LW__Prince, CIB Community Manager* and ESB Global Community Manager, has a very important role in the Battlefield Italian competitive organizing, every week, event for all platforms. *The CIB – Campionato Italiano Battlefield ( ) is the result of the joint efforts of different players, both competitive and not, moved by an urgent goal: to become the reference point for the Italian Battlefield eSport. The outcomes have been more than positive, considering the contribution given by the whole community and the media response.
    • michu1799 - He helped organize many events for the Xbox,PS4 and PC community.Is a co-founder of the Polish platoon Wataha.Platoon aims to connect players and help the community on Xbox and PS4.He gives help in every case, he never says no.
    • Mileena_Mi - Few people have done more for the Russian Battlefield community than Mileena! As well as being a very active and skilled player, she provides support for her community with translation and information.
    • Modest_Pelican - Modest Pelican has introduced Battlefield content with thoughtful and intelligent discourse that creates a positive community of players who enjoy discussing all things Battlefield. What makes Pelican unique among YouTubers that I have encountered (i.e. LevelCap, Jackfrags, Westie), is that he has a great sense of humor while streaming or during his videos that is not to be underestimated. With his charisma and sense of humor, I find myself more excited to dive into Battlefield than I do when I watch a more sincere, "professional" video along the likes of the YouTubers previously mentioned; I strongly believe a partnership with Modest Pelican Gaming would produce much great publicity for the Battlefield franchise.
    • monstakeule79 - He's senior member and moderator of AdmiralE Community Platoon, this position tells a lot about how supportive and opened he is to the community, in fact he's been helping a lot participating and giving visibility to my ESP-Esquadrilha Pégaso events. He's also moderator for Spring Platoon Championship-SPC, an tournament that my Platoon is participating and was created to keep the community together, including the participation of so many great Platoons, such as SAP, SCO, 6*Gs, CCB1, RSKP, etc. Finally, he's member of the FridayNightBattlefield crew, helping them to keep going with the event every week in Europe.
    • MXSX124 - Jack does a lot in the oceanic community , he helps my platoon plus any others join and connect with each other in order to run community events that dice runs . Behind the scenes he knows everyone and funds a way for them to link and keep a very fragile community alive . Every question I have , he has the answer and dies everything he can to aid in running community events .
    • Navigando - For his help to the Battlefield Italian community, he is active on EA Answer, he is a point of reference for a lot of Italian players
    • Champers999 - An up and coming screenshot artist that has his own style of collaborating pictures that he loves to share with the community. His involvement with Ludz Platoon does not go unrecognized either. Team player and a talent I'm glad to see involved with the franchise as a whole.
    • Lasty87 - He cares about Czech Community. Thanks to him lots of players get to know international playing, cooperation with platoons from abroad.
    • mashed8 - He is one of the biggest german Battlefield Youtuber. He is also Dice Friend since BF3 and Stream almost every day BF1
    • xNYXIx - The Battlefield franchise is one that inspires great passion in its players. xNYXIx has demonstrated that passion time and time again. She’s served the Best Community in the World as an EA Game Changer, and as a guest panelist for the Official Livestream of the Apocalypse DLC. Her tireless work ethic extends to her hosting numerous Battlefield 1 livestreams with other content creators on her Night Owls Team via Twitch and Mixer, with whom she’s been named a Partner. The attention and passion she brings to the Battlefield Community shows that she is truly DICE Friendship material. Keep on rocking, BattleSis!
    • Oblivivm - He's General of ApeX eSports Platoon, focused in competitive gaming on Battlefield, in fact he's very well known at Brazil by his skill and support of the competitive scenario. He has an YouTube channel called "The Oblivivm" with almost 2k subscribers, with videos focused on news, gamplay tips and opinions about Battlefield. He's also Battlefield Nations Ambassador for Brazil, representing "the highest ranking role for a nation on BFN, leading by example, and developing the Battlefield community within their country, using BFNations as a platform", with them he participated organizating competitive events around the world. And he's awesome <3
    • ODINz13 - Odin has been an awesome guy who has been leading OSG (Operation Support Group) for years now without expecting anything in return except fairness to gameplay. He's helped out with several events behind the scenes and always involved with events presented by other groups. Huge BF fan that has remained loyal to the entire franchise and continues to pursue the goal of bringing more players to want to play as a team and support all no matter who they are part of, except those that demean others. I have a lot of respect for this man who stays humble and keeps to himself while promoting others.
    • PeterBorges8 - He is a very involved person with the Battlefield community in Brazil. He is the editor of the site Battlefield Brasil, announcing news and various information about the community. He is also general of ESP - Esquadrilha Pegaso, Brazilian clan already recognized in the world scenario of the community Battlefield. Always participating in the organization and dissemination of community events. Always posting valuable information on your personal twitter and on the Battlefield Brasil twitter.
    • revan2000s - Outstanding job done on AHQ towards community engagement. Actively helping both on Battlefield, and AHQ forums with technical issues. Recently promoted to Hero on AHQ.
    • rikko2087 - Top notch player, represents proudly #FNB every friday on multiple servers. Very friendly and positive player willing to help all in anyway he can. Whether it be advertising events, sharing his expertise and knowledge, to switching over to the losing side inorder to help provide a better gaming experience for all parties on the server.
    • rydzu2015 - Consequent promoter of FNB events, both on Battlefield forums and AHQ. Community events founder and organiser. Recently promoted to Battlefield moderator.
    • Shadoxfilms - Shadox helps lead the Battlefield division of the largest Battlefield clan/platoon in the game, AOD. He also provides Battlefield content on YouTube and Twitch. His YouTube videos include news, tips, and a unique niche, "Battlefield Heros," which discusses heroes of WWI using BF1 game play, content I appreciate as a lover of history.
    • SoyElChe - He is a very involved person with the Latin American Battlefield community. He is a player who is always announcing news and information about the community on his twitter. Always participating in the organization and dissemination of events for the Latin American and global community. Always posting valuable information and helping other players in community missions. Member active PTFO.
    • stuarthodg912 - Very good long standing admin on a large battlefield xbox group, passionate gamer n advocates well for dice and community members
    • Sushicommander - FridayNightBattlefield regular, active on the EA Gaming Discord. Known for his quality memes and being of the friendliest people I know. I see him as a great example for the Battlefield community, totally deserves.
    • TBagGamingYT - Provides excellent content on YouTube to Battlefield1 viewers and gives detailed content on the game with aspects such as guns, DLC's and especially Easter eggs & details. Though many nominees have these features, he is the only one that I think can make a real positive difference to DICE and give him the big opportunity he deserves!
    • TheBrokenHelmet - TheBrokenHelmet runs a small YT channel where he makes cinematic short Battlefield 1 films. I really enjoy his work and the effort he puts into capturing his footage, he is a really nice guy & I think he would be a worthy addition to the DICE Friends.
    • TheBrokenMachine - He has given me and thousands of others so much advice, tips and has a brilliant YouTube channel with live streams nearly everyday with over 1,000 viewers per stream. This guy has done so much for the players of Battlefield 1 and it's community and is worthy DICE Friend
    • TMcL_117 - I nominate Tristen for being one of the best supporters on battlefield and it’s communitly that I’ve seen. He is always there to promote FNB and GAWA/Silly Sunday’s events as well as any competition that may be going on. Everyone knows him as THE nicest guy in the community and has made an impact on everyone that he has met. That is why I nominate TMcL_117...And did I mention he’s one of the best players I’ve ever met? (RIP enemy team)
    • tommyyy123-PRO - Tommy continues to push information to the community in a fun, exciting, and helpful way. Only Battlefield YouTuber/Facebooker.
    • xProGamerYTx - Good videos on YouTube. Overviews, gameplays, challenges with subscribers. Nice guy. Founder of the Facebook Battlefield Page with 22600 Likes. ( )
    • WindowsManTv_CZE - He's an important light for the Czech community. Always there when needed. He's pretty community dedicated, shares infos, giveaways, always there for every event and ready to help out other gamers. He's also an important part of the CTE for making battlefield a better game.
    • YOS123 - I am nominating "YOS123" for DICE Friend for his consistent assistance with the Battlefield Community. He earned his tag in Battlefield 4, and he has continued his support on the Forums, EAHQ and in-game. He also mods EA DICE Protectors community on PS4 and helps recruit new members for the group!


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