i cant join multiplayer games! (and my rank earesed from rank 41 to 0)!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • LeDyingScotsman
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    R3kan wrote: »
    Calm down. You will have all back when the what i think is a dos attack ends.

    We get our Disk Operating System to end?

    What about DDoS? (sorry a bit of geek humour, as Dos is quite different to DDoS)
  • saarb737
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    Nope. Nothing has been erased. Servers down=no stats

    You have not been deranked, any of you.

    Are you all new to PC and the internet or something? I really don't mean to be rude but it's so straightforward and I'm a new player to BF1 but I understand how these things work. Everything except the campaign requires online connectivity, so that means if servers are down=no stats, no soldier customisation, nothing.

    Stop panicking it will be fine, no one has been deranked lol

    Have a coffee or a bong or whatever chills you out and wait for servers to come back up

    it lets be mrows the server, the server is on, but cant join any match, and dont have soldier costomazition and rank
  • -SHARK-nf402
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    me too
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