Please read before posting your Bug/Feedback

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If you encounter a bug or you want to provide feedback on how to improve the game, you can post in this section.
Bug reports and feedback are collected by forum staff and are shared with the development team.
To streamline the collection process it helps if each bug/feedback has its own thread instead of numerous individual threads about the same issue.

Before you post your bug or feedback please read the following guidelines:
  • Check this section for previous threads about the issue you're experiencing or improvements you want to share. If it already exists, comment in that thread and if necessary provide any additional information that could help to resolve the issue or improve the feature.
  • If there isn't a thread that matches your issue or improvement, create a new thread. Use a descriptive title so that people can recognize the issue or improvement when searching this section.
  • When reporting a bug provide sufficient information about what you're experiencing. Explain what happened and, if possible, how it can reproduced. Provide information about the platform you are using (XBOX ONE, PS4 or PC). If you have any additional information that might be helpful like screenshots or videos, please provide links to the reference material. When commenting on a previously created bug report thread, please only provide any additional information which you feel is relevant.
  • When posting feedback indicate to which part of the game your feedback applies. Be as descriptive as possible and try to explain clearly how you think the game can be improved. If you want to share that something works really well then that's feedback too.
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