He tripmine?



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    Hawxxeye wrote: »
    The HE tripmine is superior if you plan to stand around and record the ragdoll of the enemy victim as it is sent flying

    Gotta love the ragdoll effects,always hilarious seeing your enemy get launched and fold in a heap.
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    I find them very effective once I learned how to place them properly. Make sure the wire is set to be tripped around 5-8 ft in front of the mine in areas where the enemy will be moving through the zone. If placing in Rocks or a corner, no lead is needed. Once I made these small adjustments it has become useful.

    Nothing better then moving through sectors and all of a sudden you here the BAM from across the map and the kill records on your screen.
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    KakeHC wrote: »
    Who uses it?

    Anyone think its good? And you only get 1 of those...

    Nerfed to hell and back and only 1 tripmine.

    it's as useless as kolibri on a shotgun player. It can easily be spotted, now it does only 73 damage, you're not gonna get kills unless the person is damage and just blindly runs everywhere and he happens to run into the tripwire.
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    oh yes, someone has been searching, and lo after traversing the deserts and the wilderness. They found the darkest of dark books, and holding loft this mighty evil book, they declared "see, I found the necronomicon! I shall raise the threads from whence they lay!"

    However, unknown to our traveller, a white knight hid in the darkness, leaping out and stopping the thread dead in it's tracks.

    "not today necro thread..... not today"
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