My thoughts on the BF1 Alpha

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After viewing BF1 Alpha PS4 gameplay videos, I think I can understand the comments I've read on this forum regarding BF1 and BFHL.
BF1 uses nice, streamlined GUI, scoreboard, and text that looks similar (if not the same) to that of BFHL's.
What's interesting is I think the look and movement of characters is more like BFHL while the environment looks just as good if not better than that of BF4. It's almost like a hybridization of those 2 games in some manner.
As for the weapons itself, it's hard to say as I don't know how good the video YouTube gamers are with regards to controlling weapon elements like recoil.


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    One of the most important things that will set BF1 from other DICE games will be its pace. Although I haven't gotten my hands on the game yet, I think the pace of the game is similar to BF4, but with a lot more features. Personally, I think they should've gone for the Bad Company pace, but then again, pace is something that can't really be changed once it's set and implemented.
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