Missing out on +500 Capture Points when killed

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Since the last patch we luckily still get the 500 bonus points for a flag capture if you leave the capture zone or get killed, but return to it before the actual capture. Thanks for this fix/change.
However, you don't get 500 bonus points if you get killed in the last seconds of the capture process. Even if you have been inside the capture long enough to have earned them.
In BF4 you would get the bonus points as long as you met the required time inside a capture zone. Getting killed or leaving the capture zone didn't matter. The downside of this was that many players left the capture zone before it was actually captured on purpose, because they would get maximum points but spend less time than the few players who stayed behind to get the actual capture for the team.
In BF1 I wouldn't want to see an exact copy of how it was in BF4, for the reason above. But I would really like to be awarded the 500 bonus points if I get killed in the last seconds of the capture. As long as I have spent the required time inside a capture zone. This happens to me more often than I can count and I miss out on a lot of points that I think I deserve.
(optional: perhaps even only award it to dead players who DON'T skip, since as long as they can be revived they still are a part of the force that captured the flag)
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