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Bugs and Improvements needed in the next patch ..

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1 - The system should not let us join when the match is about the end just like how it is not letting us change factions when the map is about the end. (maybe it should let us spectate and then when that round is over put is into the game in next round) . And also the server info could tell us the scoreboard and stuff just like in bf4.

2 - Again like in BF4 we should see the vehicles health before spawning in it..

3 - Soldier spawn system is kinda buggy. Enemy soldiers are spawning from dead enemies !!

4 - Weapon stuck after medic revive should be fixed immediately , it is the biggest game ruining bug right now.

5 - Vehicle customization in the game is needed just like soldier loadouts. And also from the menu loadout screen (not in a match) i want to see the faction i want not the default brit soldiers.


  • dasu23
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    #aggreed but dice/ea dont care -.-
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