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Well, first of all i would like to say that this idea have come to my mind about 1-2 weeks ago. I now it’s kinda of late, but it was in the time i’ve manged to get both Phantom Bow and Dice LA camo for BF4. After managing to figure out the puzzles, i’ve made a visit to YouTube and started to search how those numbers, codes, easter eggs and places where found in game and i started to think about the connections between games and a actual storyline wich cleary explains why all this fighting, al lis war is going on (since in single player there is nothing conclusive).

Before continuing, be aware that this is my personal logic about all of this, altough it would be nice to get some oficial positioning from EA/DICE about the actual storyline of the following games and even a remake (sort like IW did with COD4), just because great ideas like the ones that have created the old games will sell, no matter what. So, let’s move on.

First Step: Recognize all BF releases so far
For those who like me have been following BF since 2002, this may be not necessary, but as we now, there are a few players that started today and don’t make a single idea about how everthing started, and may get lost while Reading this.

1 - Battlefield 1942 (released in 2002):
+ The Road to Rome (booster pack released in 2003)
+ Secret Weaons of WWII (booster pack released in 2003)

2 - Battlefield Vietnam (released in 2004)

3 - Battlefield 2 (released in 2005)
+ Special Forces (booster pack released in 2005)
+ Euro Force (booster pack released in 2006)
+ Armored Fury (booster pack released in 2006)

4 - Battlefield 2 Modern Combat (released in 2005)

5 - Battlefield 2142 (released in 2006)
+ Northern Strike (booster pack released in 2007)

6 - Battlefield Bad Company (released in 2008)

7 - Battlefield Heroes (released in 2009)

8 - Battlefield 1943 (released in 2009)

10 - Battlefield Bad Company 2 (released in 2010)
+ Vietnam (booster pack released in 2010)

11 - Battlefield Play 4 Free (released in 2011)

12 - Battlefield 3 (released in 2011)
+ Back to Karkand (booster pack released in 2011)
+ Close Quarters (booster pack released in 2012)
+ Armored Kill (booster pack released in 2012)
+ Aftermath (booster pack released in 2012)
+ End Game (booster pack released in 2013)

13 - Battlefield 4 (released in 2013)
+ China Rising (booster pack released in 2013)
+ Second Assault (booster pack released in 2013)
+ Naval Strike (booster pack released in 2014)
+ Dragon’s Teeth (booster pack released in 2014)
+ Final Stand (booster pack released in 2014)

14 - Battlefield Hardline (released in 2015)

15 - Battlefield 1 (released in 2016)
+ Giant’s Shadow (booster pack released in 2016)
+ They Shall not Pass (TBA in 2017)

Second Step: Link Releases and Universes
Ok, now i’ve identified all BF releases so far and need to move on to link everthing that may be connected.
Fisrt, we need to remove from our listing:
- BF1942 + Booster packs
- BF Vietnam
- BF 1 + Booster pakcs

This need to be done because those games are simply a re-imagination of historycal battles wich really happened, and by that the world’s actual history can explain all details
Also, we need to remove the following:
- BF Heroes
- BF Play4Free
- BF Hardline + Booster packs

This also need to be done since BF heroes and BF Play4Free are declared just spin-offs of the main titles and have it’s own universe. And BF Hardline, as we will see following the post, does not presente anything that can link it to the rest of the BF universe.

So, our work is now resumed to:
BF2 + Boosters
BF2142 + Boosters
BFBC2 + Boosters
BF3 + Boosters
BF4 + Boosters

Ok, now here is the main mind-blowing of all this writing: In my opinion, all the previous cited BF titles are part of the same universe, but with the action going on diferente places/ dates.
The main link that can prove my theory is the existence of the MEC (Middle Eastern Coalition) in BF2, BF2MC and BFBC, also the sequel BF2142 (wich is explained it’s origin in BF4, even being a direct sequel to BF2).
So with only these 2 links, all those titles can be on the same universe.

Third Step: Explain the Link/ Universe Theory
This can be the most confusing part, so i ask you attention in this very moment.
So Far, we have 3 Universes in BF saga:
*1st - Real Universe: Wich can be tell by the games who remake historycal battles wich really happened in real-life;
*2nd – Spin-Off Universe: Wich can be tell by the games who have it’s own universe/ timeline or don’t present us anything to be linked with other titles
*3rd – Modern Era Universe: This one we will explain now.

The BF2, BF2MC, BFBC, BF3, BF4 and BF2142 plus booster packs presents us with some facts that can link all those releases in only one universe, describing events who happens in diferent places/ times, but in the same storyline.

Fourth Step: Explain the timeline of events
The timeline of events in BF history can be really confused, since most SP campaigns have player choices that can alter the ends, but, in the end (BF2142), everthing stays the same, doesn’t matter what the player choose, wich leaves us to believe that, apart being able to chosse diferent options, there will be always a correct time-based choice.

**The Following description of events is my actual theory to explain the BF timeline and don’t represents the oficial EA/DICE position about it:

In my opinion, everthing starts with Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, even tough is some loose ends, most of the timeline can be explained following this title.
The title tells a fictional war between China and NATO in the Khazakstan border/ region, but what is really interesting is that this conflict is triggered by a terrorist organization called the Burning Flag, wich seeks to make both powers kill each other so it can rises as a new world superpower (many similar to the MEC). In game, in my opinion, the correct choice is to follow China until the end, and by that NATO is destroyed, Burning Flag is defeated and China rises as a Superpower.
Obs: Even Burning Flag have many similiarities with MEC, MEC is a playable faction in MP of the game, and burning flag is not. This leaves us to believe that the MEC, as it is presented on the game is a force made from the debris of the Burning Flag Organization and as it can be seen on MP, it is on a very initial stage (since the faction can be assambled to a group of rebels, not an actual army like in BFBC/ BF2).

After BF2BC, in my opinion, comes BF3. Because BF2MC explains how China rose in the modern era and how the MEC fisrt appeared in the theathers of WAR. Also, in BF3 it is explained how the war with Russia began. In BF3 SP the story indicates a coup in Iran by a group called PLR (wich in my opinion, can be a rougue faction or even a group of dissidentes from the MEC), along the campaign it is shown that all the fighting is a staging of a terrorist act planned to serve as a trigger to both US and RU forced begin to fight each other. Even if the nuke does not detonates in US soil, russia is still blamed for the paris attack and the war begin (for 5 years until BF4 – memorize this)

Now, this 5 years break in the story can be actually where BFBC can be fit into, describing a bunch of soldiers fighting the battles of the war with RU as grunts, nothing special, just follow the actual BC timeline and will be described also, battle reports with the MEC (battles of BF2 maybe?)

After this 5 years break comes BF4, in where the same time, in my opinion, the events described in BFBC2 also occurs. BF4 explains in details what happened after China rose as a superpower, in this game, in my opinion, the correct choice is to leave the Carrier with Jin-Jue to be blown off, as it will mantain the current war with the US. Also it’s cleary noted in the gameplay that RU uses CN as a puppet to gain control over east asia, as CN is busy with US. After the SP campaign is described a sequence of events wich leads to the invasion and submission of CN by the US and RU, the CN counterattacking in Booster Packs regaining control over previously lost áreas as well distant parts of the country and trying to push back both US and RU. And now comes the best part, as it was described in the Final Stand Trailer, US and CN came to a stalemate where US found evidence of the development of next-generation weapons by RU (BF2142 link).
After all this the BF4 storyline is followed by BFBC2 storyline, where US is chasing RU after next-generation weapons that may have been developed, leading the conclusion to a staged invasion of US trough Alaska (The same way CN did in BF2AF).

In my opinion, the real conclusion of the modern era fighting lies in BF2 + Booster Packs. Describing US struggling to maintain territories overseas, a truce with RU, a European Union Army Rising (remember this), and finally na staged invasion of US in both West and East Costs by the MEC and CN respectively.

My theory is, after everthing happened, the US, in a final-desperate act iniciates nuclear attacks on MEC and CN territories, wich leads to complete devastation of those factions, and guess what, in BF2142, the only ones that remains in the fighting for living places are the European Union Army and the Pan Asian Coalition (Led by RU).

This ends my theory about the BFMP sotryline, i’ve tried not to give any spoilers from the SP campaigns, and to come to a conclusion, i really think it would be very interesting the release of BF titles who can actually gives a oficial timeline of events, explaining all what happened, as well titles who can describe in details the war on the US soil, as well the translation to BF2142.

I don’t know how many people this long text will get, but i will surely be happy to discuss any of the events with you
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    Finally i can have some answers from someone. TBH I'm actually interested in the story of the series but I can't seem to find anything anywhere. If possible I'd like to hear more about your opinions on the Timelines and Universes if you don't mind. I'd appreciate it.
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    Wow longest post I have seen on here.
    Thanks for the hard work I hadn't played all these and even if I had wouldn't remember all the sp details.
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    Problem is the
    US Army in BF:BC wears Woodland Camo
    Which was replaced mid 2000s
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