Some feedback for the next patch

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Well hello everyone, i'd just like to share my feedback and some ideas for the next patch when it comes.
Feel free to contribute to the post so it gets noticed by the devs and maybe we can all contribute to some well needed changes.

1.Grenade spam is pretty annoying, especially gas spam. Limiting gas grenades to one, limiting their resupply or slowing it down or limiting it so one specific class would make it less annoying imo.
2.Heavy tanks are way too powerful. It dosent matter if i am playing as one or against one its way too good. It's way too hard to take down while having so much firepower with the main cannon. Maybe ratain its ''tankyness'' and nerf it's damage a little ???
3.The auto repair ability on tanks. Seriously just why ? Especially on the heavy tank, it's just too much. Maybe make it repair more or less depending on what vehicle it's on or something ???
4.Mortar truck is very underwhelming, please give it some love because it has potential.
5.Give the Selbstlader 1906 and the Huot automatic some redeeming qualities. Seriously they are lvl10 weapons and they rarely get used because they are outperformed by every other gun in their class.

Now here are some ideas and suggestions :
-Maybe add a standard issue rifle for the italian army (carcano rifle)
-Add the m1903 infantry, it's already in the campaign so that can't be too hard
-Make some new skins for the primary weapons, even the legendary ones are all pretty much the same. Give us some really unique looks for the weapons not that gold trash. Give legendary weapon skins an used/damaged/ruined look. Make them look like they were actually used.
-Give automatic weapons some more recoil so bursting is rewarded once again. Every single automatic weapon has low recoil or is easy to control while in full auto wich makes them way too casual friendly. Not that i hate casual or newcoming players but it's just frustrating when you loose a gunfight to someone who just holds down the trigger and hopes for the best and is then rewarded for it. Also the hipfire on every SMG is absurdly good and should be toned down to make aimed fire the best choice while engaging an enemy player.

This is all i wanted to say. I like the game but it definitely needs some improvements.
Before flaming me into oblivion please remember that this is what i personally think should be done. It is up to the balancing team to decide what is done in the end, i just want to provide some feedback on wich they can make changes in the future.
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