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Horse Controlls need urgent tweaks!

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Additional commands for the calvary could and needs to be implemented, there are enough free buttons left (on console):

1. Jumping - on players decision with (A) on Xbox One / (X) on PS4
2. Moving Backwards with the horse - Holding Left Stick backwards (when standing)

Currently if you hold the left stick backwards while horse galloping or cantering it stops, which is OK, but if you're already standing/not moving with the horse and you hold your left stick backwards, nothing happens, which is weird and totally wasted opportunity. And since last patch the horse reacts weird in certain situations, which wasn't the case pre patch. I've reported this to bftracker.com already:


Regarding if horse is OP or not, imo it's not if you know how to go against it, just like against all other so called OP vehicles/guns or whatever. Sometimes you're massacring others and sometimes you get slaughtered, in most cases it depends on skill. And in some cases it's just normal that it's OP like it should be with Tanks/shotguns or other vehicles. Everything has it's pros & cons. On a horse you're fast but on the other side very open for the enemy, easy to see cuz higher altitude than others and against an assault's tank grenade or a good sniper you're in big trouble.
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