Battlefield 1 Failed World War I

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Yo guys, I made a video about how bf1 failed to acomplish ww1 feeling in game.
(not talking about historicaly correct game, more about gameplay and mechanics side)


  • Patriot-Mendez
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    IMO, the bottom line is, that it's a video game. It needs to impact a big demographic and basically, turn profit. The realism that you describe in your video, would possibly be more accurate to the truthful reality of WWI. But would that be good for business to turn a profit? IMO, that's what it boils down to, but the WWI theme is cool and the game is an overall good experience. Oh, and I forgot to mention the, Back To Basics, game mode. That might be something that you would like.
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    How fun would this game be that if you leave your trench you get killed immediately. But if you don't leave your trench you are just randomly blown up. But the best part is that for weeks every time you log in you are still sitting in the damn trench and your health continually drops even though your not being shot.
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