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I have a lot of emblems and I have been sharing them on Bf Emblems under zachgriff11. I have mostly made flags but there are also some other neat little gems like roundels and patches. My focus has mostly been on the world war eras as well as the British Empire/Commonwealth, there is some modern era stuff too. If there is something you'd like made ask me and I might be able to oblige you, of course I will not create or support the creation of emblems that violate the community guidelines.

My catalog so far includes;

United Kingdom
  • Union Jack
  • Royal Navy White Ensign
  • Royal Air Force Ensign
  • British Army Sergeant Major Rank Badge
  • British Army Warrant Officer Class II Rank Badge
  • British Empire Exhibition Flag (Royal Navy Flag with the crests of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India)
    (These are also historic flags and military emblems of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India.)


Canadian Red Ensign, National Flag of Canada 1868-1965
  • 1868 WWI Red Ensign (the first Red Ensign)
  • 1921 WWII Red Ensign (Green Maple Leaves)
  • 1957 the Last Canadian Red Ensign, until 1965 (Red Maple Leaves)
Canadian Blue Ensign Naval Jack of the Royal Canadian Navy 1911-1965
  • 1868 WWI Blue Ensign
  • 1921 WWII Blue Ensign
  • 1957 Last Blue Ensign used as a Naval Jack for RCN
    (During various eras the Royal Arms of Canada change slightly)
Modern Era:
  • Maple Leaf Flag (National Flag 1965-Present)
  • Canadian Army Patch
  • Royal Canadian Navy Ensign (1965-Present)
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Ensign (1980-Present)
  • New Canadian Army Red Ensign (2016-Present)
  • RCAF Sergeant Rank badge
  • Ontario Flag (1965-Present)
Misc. Canada
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Roundel
  • Royal Canadian Air Cadet Roundel
  • RCAF Flight Sergeant Rank Badge
  • RCAF Warrant Officer Second Class Rank Badge
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Ensign (1940-1965)
  • Royal Canadian Air Cadet Ensign (1945-1965)
  • Windsor Tanks Regiment Badge (WWII Tank Regiment of Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
  • Canadian Naval Ensign (Fantasy)

  • Australian Blue Ensign (National Flag)
  • Australian Red Ensign (Historic)
  • Royal Australian Navy (Modern Era)
  • Royal Australian Air Force (Modern Era)

New Zealand
  • New Zealand Blue Ensign (National Flag)
  • New Zealand Red Ensign (Civil Flag)
  • Royal New Zealand Navy (Modern Era)
  • Royal New Zealand Air Force (Modern Era)

South Africa
  • South African Red Ensign (National Flag 1912-1928)

India/British India/British Raj
  • Viceroy's Flag (1885-1947)
  • Indian Red Ensign (National Flag 1880-1947)
  • Indian Blue Ensign (Naval Jack 1863-1947)

  • Rebel Alliance RAF Style Roundel
  • Galactic Empire RAF Style Roundel
  • Flag of Royal France
  • Imperial Russian Eagle
  • Flag of Imperial Russia

And I'm sure I will continue to make more and more.
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