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     Hello @therealroksteady ,

    I don't know if you are aware about this bug or not, but in BF4 Battlelog I can't open my favorite battle reports and I get this error message:


    Could not find the Battle Report in the Statistics engine


    Hi Preston. That may be linked to the issue I mention in the original post here concerning archival storage of Battlereports. Unfortunately, it affects a few surrounding things. It's nothing I can resolve at the moment I'm afraid. Sorry

    Thanks for your reply!

    And there is another bug,  in battlelog, servers show incorrect playercount. For example, a server shows 64/64[1] and when you join the server there are only 2 or 4 players on the server. Can't say if the bug persists so far, but players have to use plugins to avoid this bug. This is a topic about how to fix playercount using plugins:

    Is it possible to do something regarding this issue from battlelog side?
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    Hello @therealroksteady ,

    The same important issue, Can you remove or encrypt the IP and Port code for the [Join Server] button?

    Because the damn Chinese launch DDoS attacks on Asia servers every day, And the real sinner, he made all the criminal acts, let me become the scapegoat of the DDoS attacker.

    Everyday AM:12:18 in Asia time, he will launch a DDoS attack on the Asian server, and repeat to everyone, I am the real attacker with the Japanese server owner to highlight how great the People's Republic of China is.

    More speech bullying will never stop,

    I believe that you should have personal information about the DDoS attackers I provided. You should be able to make a judgment.

    We really need your help, Please don't let us become political fanatics in Asia, can decide who can own the server, and who can play the game to the specified time, this stupid crazy environment.

    Thank you!
  • Marten2018
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    Yesterday my server was attacked by DDoS more than 6 times, Other Asia servers have the same situation.

    Each of our servers pays an average of more than € 63.10, Rented a 24/30 day server, but we can only complete 5-6 or even shorter hours each day.

    Other times are late at night, and there are waiting periods after being attacked by DDoS, This makes us feel very unfair, just because Chinese criminals can decide how we play games, but he never shared server costs with us.

    Can you tell me how to not let the server publish the method in Battlelog? Because changing the server IP address and Port in Asia is completely meaningless, This guy can still use the browser [view source code] for DDoS attacks within 1 minute.

    I don't want to be bound by his Chinese rules to free my game.

    Can you teach me how to do it?
  • MrElectrify
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    I've got a more elegant solution to the rampant fake player-count, otherwise known as "seeding." As a background, I've pointed out a few of the server-side crashes and their fixes, which made their way into R60 and R61, if I'm not mistaken, and I've been around since the very start of this issue. I believe that, instead of restricting the accounts on slot reservations (which is a great idea to stop DoS), battlelog/UI should display claimed slots instead of reserved slots, and of course continue to use the reserved-slot count internally. This way, it would require a lengthier process to actually artificially inflate the player-count on Battlelog, and has the 8-second timeout that starts once the server starts its' SecureConnection before the server removes it, reporting to Blaze that the connection is lost (as I'm sure you are aware). This would make it much harder for somebody to emulate, as it would require a ridiculous amount of joining and claiming slots, and would become much less viable, and easier to catch on your end. I believe this is a much better solution than the steps currently being taken, and would disrupt many less legitimate players.

    Thanks, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.

  • Marten2018
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    Dear @therealroksteady,

    Today I wasted 13 hours filling the slot for the server. My server doesn't know how many times it was attacked by DDoS.

    Even now, even one player is not playing games on my server, The same is true in the United States, The DDoS server attack we received has not allowed us to play the game normally.

    The slogan "24/30" is a scam for us, Server attacker, let's only play in the middle of the night, but do we have the physical strength to complete it?

    AM:2:00 ~ AM:7:00, The server is functioning normally during this time, so we can only play games with the attacker?

    Please tell me how to get the server to disappear from Battlelog, I have no extra life and physical strength to cooperate with Chinese criminals to play games.

    I need your help!
  • P1USON
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    Dear @therealroksteady,

    We need to hide or encrypt IP addresses in immediately, Chinese DDoS attackers only let us play for four hours a day, If this continues, the cost to pay each month is: 63.10 EUR, This is not allowed at all.

    Can you save the remaining 12 servers in Asia?
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    I don't think we really need to access any BF4 Asia servers from Battlelog, We just need to be able to generate battle reports normally.


    This is the total of current BF4 Asia servers and slots, But there are always no more than 650 players online every day in Asia.

    If your company cannot help us, I think your company should ban Asian players from rent BF4 Asia servers, Because only a few servers can be allowed to operate properly, this is unfair.
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