NO Frontlines on Hardcore. Time to refund?

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There isn't any DICE TSNP HC servers right now, so we cant play the new maps o new mode on Hardcore. Seriously?

If you play on Hardcore there is no point in buy any DLC or Seasson Pass. I guess its time for a refund on the Seasson Pass. it's that even possible?

PS I dont want to pay for muy own custom server.


  • toffeerss
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    I am very upset by this Act on the part of the DICE! I hope they will add the server soon, and so does correct damage from bullets in HC. I only play in HC, and I have no opportunity to try out new cards because DICE spat on HC players!
  • mav_smileyface
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    Oh dear guys you really thought they'd give 2 s****s about TSNP HC today?? You'll probably get it with summer update ^_^
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