Anyone else out there that's sticking to one weapon for the rest of BF1's life cycle?



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    Yeah, 1906 is great, but in my opinion 8. 35 Marksman is better. Can't wait for scoped 1906 :)

    Don't really like the Autoloading and its variants, mostly just because the appearance and sound of the rifle are just.. uggh, not my taste. Used the Factory .35 to 500 Kills just for the heck of it and might do the same for the .25, but not at all interested in the Marksman as scopes don't work for me (though I will be using the 1906 Sniper for 500 Kills because, well, it'd be weird for me NOT to).

    One thought. There seems to be alot less usage of the 5/6 rounds SLR's on XB1. Any idea why? Less medics in general or tryhards with Sweeper everywhere only?

    I've got no idea. I'd argue it's a combination of the two; less Medics than perhaps the other platforms (no idea if that's accurate or not, but I do often feel like I'm the only Medic in some games) combined with those who are playing Medic are using the Sweeper or the M1916.

    It's really strange. Just look at this link for example:

    It's a rather similar case with the Selbstlader 1906. Of the top 100 Spots, only a quarter are Xbox One players. The majority are PS4, and I didn't bother to count the PC Players. :p

    Exactly. Can't understand why the difference is so big in usage. They should be suited for PC the most.

    Because everyone in pc is suited to slide around with automaticos and shotgun around.Maybe that's why.

    I slide and so do others on PS4 also. No need to use Automatico to get some kills. I've watched ton of PC gameplay with Automatico, and honestly they are not good at all. Even I can aim better and have better movement.

    Actually don't forget people seem to pick up assault when they start this game for the first time.Though I agree a player who is good is good with every weapon regardless whether it's automatico or shotgun.
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