That missing feeling

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I remember my first friendly scrim in BF4. My hands were shaking, heart thumping...chain smoking to keep calm. I’d never played video games like this since I was teenager in the 90s.
Would the tactics work? Did I pick the right players? Were they in the best squads?

Then the countdown...

First round starts (Rogue Transmission) and things just fall into place for the team.

About an hour later we emerge victorious, a 3 – 0 clean sweep. The enemy leader invited me to a party with his fallen comrades. I expected the worst.

What I got was a humble conversation and good banter. He was recruited by us a few weeks later.

So what is the point of these ramblings?

I love BF1. So much so that I haven’t played BF4 since the launch of this glorious WW1 shooter.
But I miss being able to set up scrims. It takes the game to a whole new level. And more than that I miss not having a BF1 platoon.

I’m not going to tell you what needs to be done, DICE know this. All I ask is that we get some solid info on what to expect in the near future so at least I have a small sliver of hope and expectation.
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