Ammo 2.0 oppinion

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Please take some time and read through this, i think its worth some attention.

Let me ask you something DICE. Why do you think ammo 2.0 is a good idea ?
Like i get it, you want to reduce grenade spam and all that bad stuff but i think this isn't the way to go.
Making grenades auto replenishable was bad enough already, now gadgets too ?
Please reconsider theese changes.

Here's what i suggest :
-Give all grenades a long resupply timer no matter what, grenade spam is not welcome and should be dealt with.
I dont need to say more about grenades, go play fort de vaux on any server and see for yourself how bad it is.

-Assault class gadgets should stay as they are, NO auto refill. Just increase the AT grenade resupply time and it will be good.

-Medic class rifle grenades are not as bad but they should get one less just because they also contribute to the spam.

-Support class should resupply mortars with ammo crates ONLY, this would reduce mortar spam overall, limpets are ok, crossbow shots should resupply slower as they also contriubute to the explosive spam.

-Support ammo crates, pouches and player interaction with supports. All above mentioned explosives should be resupplied by the support class ONLY.
Ammo puches should give you 1 AT grenade, 1 rocket gun shot, 1 mine, 1 dynamite, etc etc ... but no grenade of any kind.
Ammo crates should resupply everything to full, but over a longer period of time. It gives you one grenade every minute.
Also because some supports are selfish or just dont know what they are supposed to do you should be able to TAKE ammo by interacting with them. You know, just like in BFH. You would get the same effect as taking an ammo pouch but they would recieve NO points.

Please keep it civil in the comments, keep in mind that this is only my oppinion.
Share your oppinions and let's make BF1's future a little brighter.
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